The Politically Correct Drink

Politics ruffle my soul. The worst of most people they show. But when I get stressed and uptight, I know what will make it quite right: Please give me Coffee! I need to lean back and breathe slow. For Presidents will come and go. Some are corrupt and hell-bent. I’ll pray they’re removed, but ’tilContinue reading “The Politically Correct Drink”

The Rest of Our National Anthem

  In the course of any given year, most of us hear our national anthem sung dozens of times.  But what we hear is not really our national anthem, but only a small part of it.  Every time I hear it sung, I am frustrated at having to stop singing at the end of theContinue reading “The Rest of Our National Anthem”


Alas, I’m at odds and at ends. I’ve upset all my liberal “friends.” I’m a stickler for truth; Liberals hate it forsooth. Only lies will accomplish their ends. Liberal friends believe every tale told By the media, brutal and bold In its efforts to slay All but Muslims and gays. And they choose to wearContinue reading “Friends???”

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Accusations running wild and free: “Why, Donald Trump old Satan’s ploy must be! He hates, discriminates, and means to smite All those who like strange sex or are not white.” But wait – I’m hearing none of that from Don. He’s spoken only peace since he has won. But, on the other hand, I’m hearingContinue reading “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

Thank You, God!

Thank You, God! Thank You, God! Thank You, God!  It’s about all I can say right now. I’ll have other things to say about yesterday’s election in my nation, but for right now, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that we finally put a president and scores of congressmen into office who will work AGAINSTContinue reading “Thank You, God!”

Daily Post Prompt: Eerie

Today’s prompt — eerie — is defined as strange, frightening, and unnatural. I have to say that I find some recent attitudes in our society extremely eerie. I have heard complaints recently — particularly in my part of the country — from people who have been dissatisfied with the local city Halloween celebrations. Because someContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Eerie”

SoWhat’s the Big Fuss About the Toilets???

My original plan was to stay out of this discussion (except for one tiny cinquain) because I figured it would eventually blow over and settle to virtually nothing concrete happening as a result of our new law. However, I just may have been wrong about it blowing over without causing any actual problems, so maybeContinue reading “SoWhat’s the Big Fuss About the Toilets???”

Who’s Responsible????????

Okay, now I’ve seen it all.  I’m so fed up with all this “politically correct” crap (and I use that word because there’s only one other that would do the job better, but I don’t use that kind of language).  I just bought a new notebook to record some Bible lesson notes in, and IContinue reading “Who’s Responsible????????”

Rebel Without a Cause? I Don’t Think So

Photo Courtesy of I generally post articles on this site that, hopefully, will be of interest to visitors and readers from all over the world, since I’ve been blessed with friendship by so many folks from other nations. That being said, I’ll let you know up front that this post is primarily addressed toContinue reading “Rebel Without a Cause? I Don’t Think So”

What Will You Do If . . . ?

One of my favorite poets, Dennis O’Brien, from Australia, just keeps writing limericks that shine a bright light on so much of what is going wrong in our world right now and how vital it is that we look the truth in the eye and start dealing with it. He’s a master of the socialContinue reading “What Will You Do If . . . ?”

Doing Business in a “Free” Nation

The people in my country are fighting again over who has rights and who does not. I keep asking myself why it is that when most people push for what they call “equal rights,” they usually mean that they want to get things all their own way, even though it means stomping all over someoneContinue reading “Doing Business in a “Free” Nation”

Remembering/Mourning/Repenting/Praying We Really Do Care Enough To Prevent A Repeat

This video is part of an article by Joe Carter: “9 Things You Should Know About Auschwitz and Nazi Extermination Camps.” A powerful and much needed article. But there’s something else we need to be reminded of. What they do not tell in this piece is that when Hitler began his take-over of the GermanContinue reading “Remembering/Mourning/Repenting/Praying We Really Do Care Enough To Prevent A Repeat”

You Have Another Chance, America. What Will You Do With It?

I love my country with all my heart. I’m grateful beyond words that I was born here and have had the privilege of growing up as a United States citizen. And I am equally grateful for the outcome of yesterday’s election in our nation. Now that the conservatives have finally taken control of our SenateContinue reading “You Have Another Chance, America. What Will You Do With It?”