Daily Post Prompt: Eerie

sad_face-sweat-greenToday’s prompt — eerie — is defined as strange, frightening, and unnatural.

I have to say that I find some recent attitudes in our society extremely eerie. I have heard complaints recently — particularly in my part of the country — from people who have been dissatisfied with the local city Halloween celebrations. Because some towns have restricted “trick or treating” to one specific night and strongly encouraged parents to take children to a city-wide event instead of letting them traipse all over town after dark — primarily for safety reasons — some of our adults are complaining.

The problem — as these people see it — is that the kids don’t get to ring all the doorbells in town and beg for sweets from every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Instead they go to one event where townspeople and business owners provide treats of various kinds for all the children equally. But suddenly, adults are up in arms over what they see as a “serious” problem in our community.  And, to be sure, they have some strong arguments on their side. For example, one of the primary complaints has been that at one of these local events, “very little candy was given out.”

Now, I don’t know what these individual’s definition of “very little” is, but my question is, what on earth difference does it make? Are these people afraid these kids are going to starve because they left the event without their little beggar-bags overflowing with sugar???

But that complaint itself is not what I find eeria (strange, frightening, and unnatural). What I find eerie is the fact that most of these complaints are coming from people who have repeatedly — and will again on November 8th — put into office every single politician who pushes and works with all his might to promote and support abortion on demand. These people are making sure that the men and women in office will keep our nation murdering innocent children by the millions every day for the next four years, and yet they are crying over the fact that 5 and 6-year-olds are not being given enough candy in their halloween goody bags. They see such measures as ill treatment of kids.

How much more strange, frightening, and unnatural a scenario could one imagine???  I don’t even want to ask if there’s anyone out there who can’t see the catastrophic problem here, because, if every honest, intelligent human being cannot see it, then this world is truly beyond hope.






8 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Eerie

  1. unfortunately it seems the way of our countries these days. Life just doesn’t make sense to the normal thinking person and the health and safety excuse is common to everyone. Cannot do that because… H&S etc. But I bet Sandra, if we all could look deep enough some one is lining their pockets somehow. Nice piece. We in the UK have a similar issue on our Guy Fawkes night. Bonfire night’ or Firework night’ I don’t know if you have heard of it. November 5th.

    1. Actually I am fairly familiar with the Guy Fawkes celebration, but only because I’ve read so many English novels. In fact I’ve learned loads from two authors whose works I’ve read prolifically: Miss Read (Dora Saint) and Betty Neels. They both write rather low key, good old-fashioned stories, but they are very relaxing, and that’s why I read them.

      1. When I saw the picture, I sort of thought it might be you. Congratulations on making headway so quickly. I thought of something else that I hadn’t realized until I started with my classes, but I’ll send an e-mail and share it in more detail. You may have thought of it anyway, but just in case, I’ll tell you about it. But I just got home from a long meeting, and I am almost asleep, so I’ll get to it tomorrow.

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