You’ll Never Look at Halloween the Same Way Again




What’s it about?
When a small coastal town is invaded by witchcraft that threatens the lives of the school children and the future of the entire community, the citizens must learn to fight back with a Higher Power. Follow the story as God’s human vessels take their authority in the name of Jesus while the angelic hosts route the demonic forces on the spiritual plane in response to believers enforcing the Word of God. Read it, and you’ll never look at Halloween the same way again.
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Read It If You Dare . . .

Read it if you dare: You’ll never look at Halloween the same way again.

RACING TOWARD THE LIGHT: Supernatural Warfare in Inspirational Fiction


When a small coastal town is invaded by witchcraft that threatens the lives of the school children and the future of the entire community, the citizens must learn to fight back with a Higher Power.

Exhausted after a battle with supernatural forces, Sheriff Noah Bennett, with his white stallion Moondancer, travels to a small coastal community seeking rest and healing for his battered soul. While there, he befriends David, a 6-year-old boy who loves horses, and his aunt, beautiful Serenity Lawrence.

But the same forces of evil that invaded his own hometown have now invaded this small haven, and Noah must decide if he’s ready to be used as an instrument in God’s hands again to apply the principles of His Kingdom in defeating these powers once more. It will mean setting aside his recuperation – and his budding romance – until the job is done.

Can he teach the believers of Hamsted how to use the name of Jesus and His blood to destroy the witchcraft and the Satanic roots behind it? And is he willing? Walk through this journey with Noah, as he struggles to find a way to overcome his own fear and weakness in order to commit himself to fighting a new battle with forces from beyond this world.

Experience the power of God as angels and demons engage on the spiritual plane while believers discover the truth about their position of authority and their victory in the name of Jesus Christ and His blood.


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Daily Post Prompt: Eerie

sad_face-sweat-greenToday’s prompt — eerie — is defined as strange, frightening, and unnatural.

I have to say that I find some recent attitudes in our society extremely eerie. I have heard complaints recently — particularly in my part of the country — from people who have been dissatisfied with the local city Halloween celebrations. Because some towns have restricted “trick or treating” to one specific night and strongly encouraged parents to take children to a city-wide event instead of letting them traipse all over town after dark — primarily for safety reasons — some of our adults are complaining.

The problem — as these people see it — is that the kids don’t get to ring all the doorbells in town and beg for sweets from every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Instead they go to one event where townspeople and business owners provide treats of various kinds for all the children equally. But suddenly, adults are up in arms over what they see as a “serious” problem in our community.  And, to be sure, they have some strong arguments on their side. For example, one of the primary complaints has been that at one of these local events, “very little candy was given out.”

Now, I don’t know what these individual’s definition of “very little” is, but my question is, what on earth difference does it make? Are these people afraid these kids are going to starve because they left the event without their little beggar-bags overflowing with sugar???

But that complaint itself is not what I find eeria (strange, frightening, and unnatural). What I find eerie is the fact that most of these complaints are coming from people who have repeatedly — and will again on November 8th — put into office every single politician who pushes and works with all his might to promote and support abortion on demand. These people are making sure that the men and women in office will keep our nation murdering innocent children by the millions every day for the next four years, and yet they are crying over the fact that 5 and 6-year-olds are not being given enough candy in their halloween goody bags. They see such measures as ill treatment of kids.

How much more strange, frightening, and unnatural a scenario could one imagine???  I don’t even want to ask if there’s anyone out there who can’t see the catastrophic problem here, because, if every honest, intelligent human being cannot see it, then this world is truly beyond hope.






The Real Hallowe’en Is A Holy Day

STAINED GLASS CROSS - w. hallowe'en text
October 31 is a holy day. It is not a day to celebrate witches, goblins, vampires, and Satanic rituals. It is technically the eve of All Saints Day (November 1) — also known as “All Hallows” and “Hallowmas” — from the root word “hallowed” or “holy.” As the eve of “All Hallows,” October 31 came to be called “Hallowe’en, which is the abbreviation of “All Hallows Evening.” And in many churches throughout the world the celebration begins on the evening of October 31 and runs through November 1. It is a day to celebrate the faithful believers who serve and have served the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Catholic Church, the celebration focuses mainly on those believers who have already gone into the presence of the Lord But in most protestant churches, it focuses on celebrating all true believers both on earth and in heaven — since the New Testament calls true believers “saints.” I’m going to be celebrating “Hallowe’en by celebrating Jesus and all his saints who share His truth, His love and His mercy with a sighing, crying, dying world who are desperate for His saving grace.