Read It If You Dare . . .

Read it if you dare: You’ll never look at Halloween the same way again.

RACING TOWARD THE LIGHT: Supernatural Warfare in Inspirational Fiction


When a small coastal town is invaded by witchcraft that threatens the lives of the school children and the future of the entire community, the citizens must learn to fight back with a Higher Power.

Exhausted after a battle with supernatural forces, Sheriff Noah Bennett, with his white stallion Moondancer, travels to a small coastal community seeking rest and healing for his battered soul. While there, he befriends David, a 6-year-old boy who loves horses, and his aunt, beautiful Serenity Lawrence.

But the same forces of evil that invaded his own hometown have now invaded this small haven, and Noah must decide if he’s ready to be used as an instrument in God’s hands again to apply the principles of His Kingdom in defeating these powers once more. It will mean setting aside his recuperation – and his budding romance – until the job is done.

Can he teach the believers of Hamsted how to use the name of Jesus and His blood to destroy the witchcraft and the Satanic roots behind it? And is he willing? Walk through this journey with Noah, as he struggles to find a way to overcome his own fear and weakness in order to commit himself to fighting a new battle with forces from beyond this world.

Experience the power of God as angels and demons engage on the spiritual plane while believers discover the truth about their position of authority and their victory in the name of Jesus Christ and His blood.


Paperback and Digital — ON SALE at Amazon throughout October.
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Digital is slashed from $3.99 to $2.99 until midnight October 31.

9 thoughts on “Read It If You Dare . . .

    1. Great. And believe me, I understand that “time to read” thing. And don’t feel that you have to like it — although I think you probably will. I do have enough sense to know that nobody writes a book that everyone likes. But this book was actually an assignment from the Lord. I felt so strongly influenced about writing something that would help counter the Harry Potter madness, and hopefully, it will help bring some balance for those people who read it. But not a whole lot of people — even committed Christians — want to be “left out” of the socially popular circles like the Harry Potter craze. So, while it’s one of the more important books I’ve written — and has a number of miracles concerning how it came to be written and published and got permission for the artwork for the cover — it’s still never going to be one of my best-selling books.

      1. Thanks for the insight. I’ll do my best to find the time now that I finally finished writing the blogging course. My degree is to be mailed out this next week. Yeah.

    2. Ooops, I hit ‘send’ accidentally. I was going to add that over the years, I’ve had opportunities to minister to many people who got involved in witchcraft through things that they thought were “just fun and games,” but it took a real hold in their lives. One friend – very young man – is gone from this earth today because of it, and another man — the father of one of my dear friends in school — is now dead and (unless something really profound happened in his last minutes) he’s in hell right now. He was a warlock and lived his life in active witchcraft. He made his family’s life horrible and influenced a number of other people and got them involved in supernatural evil that brought grave sickness and suffering to them. It’s a subject that I want people to understand better, but most people will not want to read a book that “teaches” them about it. Hopefully, the novel is interesting enough in other ways that it will help them see the truth that’s nestled within it. And even if a whole lot of people don’t read it, at least I did what I was assigned to do and wrote it. I figure the rest is up to the Lord. And, by the way, it does have a very positive ending — just so you’ll know.

      1. It is a shame how people get tripped up over “innocent” games like the Ouija board. Had one as a kid, but praise the Lord, I accepted Him as Savior. Others do not, and the power of the occult pulls on them. I’m looking forward to reading your book.

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