Who’s Responsible????????


Okay, now I’ve seen it all.  I’m so fed up with all this “politically correct” crap (and I use that word because there’s only one other that would do the job better, but I don’t use that kind of language).  I just bought a new notebook to record some Bible lesson notes in, and I have to admit that I didn’t read all the words on the front of said notebook before I purchased it. It looks like any number of others, with a colorful cover and 80 sheets of college-ruled paper inside.

But this morning, as I prepared to type the notes from it into the chapter of one of my books, I found myself reading the text in a little white box on the front. Here’s what it says: “Paper from responsible sources.”

Now just WHAT does that mean?????????

I’ll tell you what it says to me. It says that because society has gone bonkers about what they call “saving the earth,” and all of these “green” people insist on using only recycled materials, companies are now trying to look good in the eyes of those people. So I’m guessing that this company didn’t use recycled paper, so, of course, they can’t say “made from recycled paper.” But they want to sound to everyone as if they use recycled paper, so they say, “Paper from responsible sources.”

Now, I grant you that I may be totally wrong about this situation. I may have misjudged the company completely. But if I have, then I’d appreciate their telling me what “responsible sources” are. I mean, anyone who makes paper should be responsible for the paper they make. Any reputable paper manufacturer is responsible to provide good quality product and stand behind it.

So what’s the deal??????

And why am I making such a big deal out of it anyway?

Well, the answer to that last question is what I said in the first paragraph. I’m totally fed up with all this “politically correct” mania, and I think this situation just helps prove how totally ridiculous and also how worthless the whole concept is. Politically correct words and actions are hypocritical as often as they are genuine — no, actually, I believe they are hypocritical more often than they are genuine.  And if we don’t recognize that fact soon, we are going to end up being the most deceived society of people who have ever lived on this earth.

Well, I guess I might have one other reason for making an issue of this subject: It gave me something different to blog about.



8 thoughts on “Who’s Responsible????????

  1. You are right on! It is getting crazy what people will do to be politically correct, but they sure don’t care about being “morally correct.” Don’t get me wound up, but this disgusting Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts is beyond human. They have stepped into the “barbarian” way of life. Heaven help us and Lord, please return soon.

  2. There is so much contradiction going on in this field. Words can paint a picture, and as we all know, everyone has a different view on a picture. But companies are trying to paint a picture that is actually very wrong.

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