Saying ‘NO’ to Government Surveillance



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The End of WWII — The World Could Breathe Again

We celebrate Veterans’ Day tomorrow.   Let us never forget.

The following video has no sound, but it is the only film of the official Japanese surrender in existence. Since my dad and so many of those we loved sacrificed more than we will ever understand in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, this moment in history means a very great deal to me.




A Real-Life Veterans’ Celebration


For those who lived that never-to-be-forgotten moment of learning we had won the war, and the world really did have a future —- and for those who never had to experience it but are truly thankful to the men and women who made it possible —- this video is a must. By Richard Sullivan, this video is his father’s real-life recording of VJ Day celebrations in Honolulu, minutes after the announcement that Japan had surrendered. Watch it with a box of tissues. 




The Patriot Minute 11/10/13 — 60 seconds of meditating, re-evaluating, & re-affirming

If the United States would be a world leader for peace, then we must be a leader for righteousness first. So say many of our great leaders, who learned first-hand that righteousness begets peace, and peace then produces more righteousness.

But they did not discover this truth on their own. God Himself made it clear in His Word when He said, “ … He disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness. All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, … yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards, it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.”
— Heb.12:10-11.

He also admonishes us with these words: “The seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.”
— James 3:18.

And His ultimate declaration has been proven throughout history, not only in our own nation, but in a number of others as well:  “Righteousness exalts a nation.”
— Prov. 14:34.


The Bible teaches us that there is no foundation for enduring peace on earth except in righteousness; that it is our duty to suffer for that cause if need be; that we are bound to fight for it if we have the power; and that if God gives us the victory, we must use it for the perpetuation of righteous peace.”
— Henry Van Dyke

May it be among the dispensations of His providence to bless our beloved country with honors and with length of days. May her ways be ways of pleasantness and all her paths be peace!”
— Martin Van Buren

The United States fully accepts the profound truth that our own progress, prosperity, and peace are interlocked with the progress, prosperity, and peace of all humanity.”
— Herbert Hoover





English-Speaking Signs Say a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

I originally wrote this article on my “Happy Patriot” blog a couple of years ago, but tonight I found myself re-reading it — and feeling stirred up again to bring this troubling situation into focus once more. The problem has not gone away. It still exists and is still being forced down the throats of the American people. So I’m taking the opportunity to re-blog it on this site and thereby vent my anger and frustration without losing my temper.


A friend of mine, a local radio announcer, voiced a concern on the air recently that brought me straight up out of my bed.  Perhaps I should explain that I use a clock radio to wake up in the morning, and my alarm had just gone off about 60 seconds before I heard his words.  So much for the explanation of why I was in bed. The very second he spoke the words out, I realized that what he was saying was also the answer to what had been bothering me for years about certain television news film fed in from foreign soil in various places around the world.

His point was this:  He had been watching TV news media coverage of the Japanese nuclear disaster and had been seeing multiple “on the street” interviews with the Japanese people, most of whom were unable to speak any English.  Their portion…

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