English-Speaking Signs Say a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

I originally wrote this article on my “Happy Patriot” blog a couple of years ago, but tonight I found myself re-reading it — and feeling stirred up again to bring this troubling situation into focus once more. The problem has not gone away. It still exists and is still being forced down the throats of the American people. So I’m taking the opportunity to re-blog it on this site and thereby vent my anger and frustration without losing my temper.


A friend of mine, a local radio announcer, voiced a concern on the air recently that brought me straight up out of my bed.  Perhaps I should explain that I use a clock radio to wake up in the morning, and my alarm had just gone off about 60 seconds before I heard his words.  So much for the explanation of why I was in bed. The very second he spoke the words out, I realized that what he was saying was also the answer to what had been bothering me for years about certain television news film fed in from foreign soil in various places around the world.

His point was this:  He had been watching TV news media coverage of the Japanese nuclear disaster and had been seeing multiple “on the street” interviews with the Japanese people, most of whom were unable to speak any English.  Their portion…

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