You Have Another Chance, America. What Will You Do With It?


I love my country with all my heart. I’m grateful beyond words that I was born here and have had the privilege of growing up as a United States citizen. And I am equally grateful for the outcome of yesterday’s election in our nation. Now that the conservatives have finally taken control of our Senate for the first time in 8 years, and have strengthened their control of our House of Representatives, we have another chance to stop some of the insanity that has been coming out of our nation’s capital the past 6 years and try to do things right for a change. I pray with all my heart that we will not throw away this new chance.



6 thoughts on “You Have Another Chance, America. What Will You Do With It?

        1. We’ve had bad presidents before, but some of this man’s decisions and activities have seemed bordering on insanity. What has had me worried is that so many people who really don’t like him have still voted for him. That’s a little scary. But, thanks to our constitution (which he has not been able to change), he’ll be gone in two years, and he’ll never have another chance at the White House.

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