SoWhat’s the Big Fuss About the Toilets???

TOILET STOOLMy original plan was to stay out of this discussion (except for one tiny cinquain) because I figured it would eventually blow over and settle to virtually nothing concrete happening as a result of our new law. However, I just may have been wrong about it blowing over without causing any actual problems, so maybe it’s time I spoke out loud about where I am on this issue.

A:  I’ve never had a problem with seeing an individual go into a toilet marked for the opposite sex because he/she needed to help a child — or an aging parent — or a person who was handicapped. And, in fact, I’ve had to do so personally when helping handicapped people. That situation does not bother me at all, nor does it bother any other person I’ve ever known in all my 60+ years of using public toilets. And I have no problem with public places even providing an extra “Unisex” toilet for that purpose if they can afford to do so. But we have never needed a law to allow for those situations and circumstances.

B:  What I DO have a problem with is people who deliberately force through laws that require the entire public to allow that access to every person who just WANTS to spend time in the bathroom of the opposite sex in order to ogle the private parts of other individuals, hit on innocent children or teens for sexual purposes, or rape a woman or child alone in a secluded space. (And yes, folks, there are a bunch of people out there who do those things.)

We DO NOT NEED a law to allow for A.
And we need to HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME for allowing a law that provides for B.

And while I’m sounding off, let me just add that the men are few and far between in this world who bother to make sure they do not drip all over the rim and front of the toilet bowl — causing a particularly unsanitary situation for ladies and little kids who must use that toilet immediately afterwards. Just sayin’ ……



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