Friday Fictioneers – 4/30/13 — ‘Entrusted’

Time for Friday Fictioneers again, and this week’s prompt comes from a photo by Claire Fuller.  My story is below the picture. When I do a word count, my computer counts my ellipses marks as words, but the actual word count is exactly 100.  I’m going with that. ENTRUSTED “Oh, Donovan! Am I dreaming?” “No,Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 4/30/13 — ‘Entrusted’”

“Read” Me A Story

“Will you read me a story?” Just how many times I asked that question of parents and grandparents during my growing-up years I’ll never know. But ask it I did, because I loved stories. In fact, I loved the whole idea of someone being able to pick up a book of pages filled with letters,Continue reading ““Read” Me A Story”