Friday Fictioneers – 4/30/13 — ‘Entrusted’

Time for Friday Fictioneers again, and this week’s prompt comes from a photo by Claire Fuller.  My story is below the picture. When I do a word count, my computer counts my ellipses marks as words, but the actual word count is exactly 100.  I’m going with that.

Copyright-Claire Fulller


Oh, Donovan! Am I dreaming?”

No, they are very real.” He caressed book after book, counting each stack again.

How … ?”

Right before his arrest, Father called me to his library. His face awash with tears, he told me the new government police were confiscating and burning every book they could find. He begged me to help him bury his 1000 books.

“We worked all night, and when they came, they found all the shelves bare.  He wouldn’t tell them where … so they executed him.”

But you — ”

I couldn’t betray his trust …. ”


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