NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 30 — ‘Adieu, Dear April’


For the final day of the National Poetry Writing Month challenge, I have departed from my pattern. Every other day that I wrote, I have followed the prompt faithfully.  But today — especially since Maureen has made it clear that the prompts are merely optional suggestions — I have decided to ignore the prompt and write what I feel. It seems a fitting close to this challenging and inspiring week. 

More than 2000 poets from around the world have taken part in this adventure, and I thank Maureen Thorson for working so hard and so faithfully to provide us this opportunity. I look forward eagerly to April of 2014.



Dear April, I bid you adieu.
It has been great fun.
To play so with meter and rhyme,
Though no prize I’ve won.

Still, you’re the most challenging month;
You’ve stirred up my muse.
And most of the poems I’ve composed
I can put to use.

I’ve gone to great lengths to match prompts,
Called up gifts by command;
Stretched self to plumb depths still unreached
To create on demand. 

So, April and NaPoWriMo,
I appreciate you.
And fondly, till next poets’ month,
I bid you adieu!


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 30 — ‘Adieu, Dear April’

    1. I told someone this morning that I thought I had written 23 of the 30, but when I counted I realized I had written only 18 (counting the day I wrote 2). But I figured if writing 18 FELT like writing 23, I really needed those poetic calisthenics.

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