Share Your World 2016 – Week 19

Visit Cee’s Photography to learn how to participate and share your own world. “` Question # 1:  You win a pet monkey but this isn’t just any old monkey. It can do one trick for you whenever you want from getting a pop out of the fridge to washing your hair. What would be theContinue reading “Share Your World 2016 – Week 19”

Cinquain On the Brain

SENTRY Darkness. Black storm clouds roll. Wind-driv’n waves hurled at land. But high on knoll, sentry stands firm: Lighthouse. ~ REWARD You call, And, servant like, I run to do your wish. ‘Twill always be, and all I ask: Your kiss. ~ SECURITY Please take My hand in yours. It’s warm and strong and sure,Continue reading “Cinquain On the Brain”

Tell Me a Story Saturday Challenge: ‘Love Will Find A Way’

  I’m a couple hours past the deadline – on my own challenge – can you believe it? But, be that as it may, I have finally finished my story, so I’m ignoring the deadline. If anyone else out there still wants to write for this challenge, please feel free to do so any timeContinue reading “Tell Me a Story Saturday Challenge: ‘Love Will Find A Way’”

Tell Me A Story Saturday – Writing Challenge – 5/17/14

  It’s time for another “Tell Me a Story” Challenge. I always enjoy the 100-word writing challenges very much, and I take part in as many as I can. However, it’s also important to get good practice and exercise in writing short stories that are not “flash fiction” stories, but long enough to allow forContinue reading “Tell Me A Story Saturday – Writing Challenge – 5/17/14”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 1

When I think of the sea, I think of my novel Racing Toward the Light, primarily because it was a painting of the sea by internationally renowned artist Steven Sundram that inspired the story. A print of his painting was a gift to me from some friends, and the very day I received it, IContinue reading “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 1”