Daily Post Prompt: Desert


You say you just can’t trust my love is true.
So I am meditating what to do.
Somehow, I think there’s no convincing you
That I’m the faithful type all through and through.

How to forestall your fears I wish I knew,
I’ve had myself in such a miserable stew.
But I’ve brought it down to this: Here’s what I’d do.
I’d cross the desert on a three-legged mule for you.

And if that’s not good enough, my dear — I’m through!

Okay, I know it’s a ridiculous poem, but I didn’t get started until late in the afternoon, and it’s the best I could come up with. If you want to participate in today’s prompt, drop in at The Daily Post.






Nathaniel was feeling quite blue.
To his Darling, he’d been quite untrue.
Though he hadn’t been caught,
With his conscience he fought,
And was trying to think what to do.

He could keep it a secret from her.
If she questioned him, maybe defer.
But if someone else told —
Some old gossip quite bold —
Then his Darling would toss him for sure.

What to do, what to do — so distressed.
It was not that he loved Darling best.
But she had lots of dough,
And his coffers were low.
So perhaps he should crawl and confess.

But, alas, he had let time expire.
Darling charged in, her eyes full of fire.
Six feet tall and quite round —
Nearly three hundred pounds —
She immediate repentance inspired.

She said, “Nate, dear, you should be ashamed.
Your unfaithfulness has caused me pain.
But I know how to fix
You and your bag of tricks.”
Round his leg she did fasten a chain.

Now Nathaniel is faithful and true.
After all, there’s not much else to do.
For his Darling learned fast:
If she wants love to last,
A girl does what she just has to do.




Love Runs Through Me


Like a stream running through the mountains,
Like a cool wind sweeping o’er the plains,
Like a river rushing to the ocean,
Like blood coursing through the veins,

Like a current running through a cable,
Like a song swirling through the mind,
Like inspiration flowing through the poet,
Like compassion coursing through the kind,

So love for you is running through my soul,
Super-charging me; causing me to grow,
Reminding me that loving makes us whole.



The Secret of the Ribbon Tree

I’ve wondered round this earth for years,
And known my share of joys and tears.
I’ve laughed with love and cried for loss,
And broken dreams like rubbish tossed.

I’ve seen sights soaked in splendid sun
And bathed by moon when day was done.
But ’til today I’d not seen such
A sight that stirred my heart this much:

A giant, handsome, stately tree
Bedecked with ribbons midst the leaves.
Such gorgeous bows of silk, blood-red,
Tied as if on maiden’s head.

I stood and pondered what it meant:
This work of art to nature lent.
Who ties these bows, and why, I asked.
Who set himself this tedious task?

Some lover dreaming of soul-mate,
Who joyous love anticipates?
But there was none who, passing by,
Could tell me who, or how, or why.

And though I stood ’till set of sun
I found no answer; no, not one.
So on I trudged my weary way,
To reach my post by end of day.

But as I went, I sang a song:
Though much in this old world is wrong,
Still someone with a heart of love,
Took time and, with care, beauty wove –

Amidst the branches of old tree –
A gift of ribbons for all to see:
To lift the heart and light’n the load
Of each soul passing ‘long that road.




NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 5

AMOEBA MAN UNDER LOVE WEIGHTCiquain # 5: Language Lesson

‘To love’
Amo, amas, amat,
Amamus, amatis, amant.


‘To love’
I love; you love; he loves;
We love; you love (plural); they love.


There’s still plenty of time to take part. Visit NaPoWriMo.net.
You can follow the prompts on that site or write something from your own ideas. I’m doing only cinquain this year, and writing on whatever subject suits my fancy each day.



A Time to Seek

I’d like to be.
I miss the fluttering
And thrilling expectation of
A touch.

I miss
The twinkling eyes
That say much more than words;
Th’embrace that quiets, yet excites
The soul.

Serves mankind well.
It is the vehicle
By which both heart and soul can show
They care.

So wake,
My slumb’ring heart!
You’ve been in dormancy.
Throw off your sleep of grief! Go seek
New love.


Valentine Cinquain

HEART W. GOLD ARROW w. # 1Would you
Want to be mine?
I need a Valentine.
It’s lonely in this cold, hard world.
Would you?


Love waits.
It’s not pushy.
It just loves — with patience —
And gives both time and space for love
To grow.



Ah … well …
‘Tis sad indeed:
The one I love’s in love.
But not with me. With someone else.
I cry.


Heart pounds;
Palms sweat; mouth’s dry;
Can’t seem to concentrate.
Is this some rare disease? No, wait:
It’s LOVE.