A Time to Seek

I’d like to be.
I miss the fluttering
And thrilling expectation of
A touch.

I miss
The twinkling eyes
That say much more than words;
Th’embrace that quiets, yet excites
The soul.

Serves mankind well.
It is the vehicle
By which both heart and soul can show
They care.

So wake,
My slumb’ring heart!
You’ve been in dormancy.
Throw off your sleep of grief! Go seek
New love.


11 thoughts on “A Time to Seek

    1. You know, that came to my mind as I was writing this as well. Who knows … maybe subconsciously, it prompted the topic for the cinquain. Some days I just need to create something with words, and cinquain seems to be my “go-to” format. And often I don’t have any pre-conceived idea about what the topic will be. I just start writing. (Of course, I usually have to go back and correct some things or choose a different word here and there since cinquain is primarily about how many syllables are in each line.)

        1. Now, that’s a very good reason to take one of my ‘writing poetry’ classes. Actually, it’s pretty simple — yet not. The main idea is to have a certain number of syllables in each line. It’s the only totally American poetic form that I’m aware of, and although, originally it was aimed at poems about only specific subject matter — like haiku — it has since become common practice to write about any subject. The tricky part is getting words that say exactly what you want to say, but that have only the right number of syllables: Line one — 2 syllables; line two – 4 syllables; line three – 6 syllables; line four – 8 syllables; line five – 2 syllables. It doesn’t require rhyme. Try it; you’ll like it.

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