Friday Fictioneers 8/20/20 – ‘River of Love’

I had a little extra time this week, so I decided to jump back into Friday Fictioneers. If you’d like to take part and write your own 100-word story based on the picture below, just visit Rochelle’s Blog for the details at this link. The photo is courtesy of Ted Strutz. My story is belowContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 8/20/20 – ‘River of Love’”

‘QUENTON’S HONOR’ – Now Available on Amazon

What happens when twenty-first century technology comes face to face with the most powerful force the human race has ever known? Find out in this story of intrigue, romance, courage, and faith:  QUENTON’S HONOR. A man’s love for his country; a man’s love for a woman. Securing a nation; capturing a heart. It’s a storyContinue reading “‘QUENTON’S HONOR’ – Now Available on Amazon”

A Different Kind of Love Story

 A DIFFERENT KIND of Love Story. With an ending you’ll never forget.   SLATE — On Sale This Week Only Digital: $0.99 Paperback: $6.99 See the book trailer below. And find the books at this link: _____________________        

More Than Hugs & Kisses

It’s February, the month of love. Wouldn’t you like to read some satisfying love stories that give you a whole lot more than just hugs and kisses? I’d like to introduce you to four men who want very much to love and be loved, but who are facing some serious challenges to love that onlyContinue reading “More Than Hugs & Kisses”

Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2”

This week’s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt reminded me of a delightful and heart-melting true story that I read about several years ago. It took place during WWII, and involved a real U. S. serviceman, the woman who was the love of his life, and a tender-hearted, romantic telephone operator. I was so touched by theContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2””

Sail Away With This Mystery Romance

Well, naturally, I can’t pass up an opportunity like this. Today’s Daily Post Prompt is the word “sail.”  And it just so happens that the main character in my mystery novella Innocent Until Proven Guilty — Homicide Detective Simon Stone — loves to sail. And even though he suspects Deanna Forbes of murder, he can’tContinue reading “Sail Away With This Mystery Romance”

It’s So Great to Be in Love?

Oh, I wish I were in love. How I love to be in love! It’s so great to be in love — Until you’re dumped. Oh, but love is so exciting, With emotions all igniting, In the favored one delighting — ‘Til you’re dumped. I believed in sweet romance, Loving arms in which to dance,Continue reading “It’s So Great to Be in Love?”

An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story

My newest release is a Crime & Romance Novella — Book 1 of the Simon Stone Detective Series. The series is  composed of ‘On Target, Quick-Read’ Novellas that should appeal to busy readers. Book 1 is a story that I originally wrote right here on this blog: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Here’s a peek atContinue reading “An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story”

The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt

The scent of you — When first I wake to greet the day — The warm, intoxicating pleasure of your fragrance touch: It triggers tiny conflagrations deep inside of me That spark a thousand more responses and then rush To touch my mind. And then my senses come alive — Each one:  to taste, toContinue reading “The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt”

‘Smoky Mountain Series’ has come to Amazon in Paperback

` This week Book 1 of the Smoky Mountain Series took it’s place in the Paperback Inspirational Novel section of the Amazon book store.  I’m really happy to report that this first book of the series —Set Free To Love —  is now available at a new lower price — only $8.99. It’s only a storyContinue reading “‘Smoky Mountain Series’ has come to Amazon in Paperback”

‘SLATE’ now in Paperback on Amazon

` Okay, all you folks out there who — like me — want to read a “real” book instead of a digital device, I have good news. The wait is over. Amazon now has my newest inspirational novel, SLATE, in paperback. I do a lot of reading online for hours every day. But when I wantContinue reading “‘SLATE’ now in Paperback on Amazon”

How Do I Love Thee? I Don’t Have a Clue

How do I love thee? Frankly, I don’t know. Your aggravating habits are extreme. You wear on my patience, Need forgiveness daily, Sometimes, I’d like to pull my hair and scream. How do I love thee? It is a mystery. That I should feel the least bit of romance. Each time I’m with you IContinue reading “How Do I Love Thee? I Don’t Have a Clue”

Daily Post Prompt: I Have a Lovely Rhythm in My Bones

` I have a lovely rhythm in my bones. It’s sort of soft and groovy, and beguiling. I’m in the mood for waltzing over stones, And even if I fell, I’d come up smiling. It’s now becoming kind of quick and quirky – This rhythm – as it runs throughout my soul. My feet areContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: I Have a Lovely Rhythm in My Bones”