It’s So Great to Be in Love?


Oh, I wish I were in love.
How I love to be in love!
It’s so great to be in love —
Until you’re dumped.

Oh, but love is so exciting,
With emotions all igniting,
In the favored one delighting —
‘Til you’re dumped.

I believed in sweet romance,
Loving arms in which to dance,
Titillated by a glance —
Then I got dumped.

Now, I’m not so sure of love,
It’s so hard real love to prove,
And if I don’t fall in love —
I can’t get dumped!

Perhaps I should let my faithful readers know that this poem is not based on a true story. Actually it grew out of a brief experience I had today when I turned on the car radio and heard a song from my high school days. It took me instantly back to a restaurant where I was enjoying some time with a guy I “thought” I was semi-in-love with. He never did allow the relationship to develop into anything serious, and for a short time, I was unhappy. However, by 5 years later, I was thanking God that I never got into anything more serious with him than a mere friendship. I do pity his wife a good deal. But as I thought about that experience, I just sat down to write a poem about how we tend to fall in love with love sometimes, and — well — this is what I ended up with.



6 thoughts on “It’s So Great to Be in Love?

  1. This is great! Really. Your story makes me wish that my EX had dumped me! Not only is the poem wonderful, so is young love. Oh the stories we all have. In jr. hi., in springtime, my latest crush sent me a LONG ‘dump’ letter… the first THREE PAGES was basically ‘Oh how I hate to say this – this hurts me more than you – but I just have to tell you the truth. The last line was… “The truth is, there is no Easter Bunny.”

    1. Well, I laughed out loud — sooo hard. You have the most interesting life, Bill. Can’t wait to read your first book.

      By the way, did I tell you that I experimented with Amazon’s newest paperback program? Well, I did, and it’s great. I’ve been very happy with their final product. In fact, the publishing company that has been doing my books is now publishing them through Amazon’s new program as well, and they sell even better.

      Of course, the e-books return the best royalties by far, but Amazon pays better royalties even on print books than all the traditional mainstream publishers. So it’s something to consider for when you’re ready to get your stuff out there farther than your blog.

      But I’m really glad you’re blogging so much. It’s the best way in the world to make new friends from around the world, to get the Gospel out, and to develop a platform as an author.

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