Remembering Izzy — a short story

Sometimes when I’m feeling sad and this ol’ world starts to creepin’ in on me — heavy-like — I take myself away from other people and huddle down in my old creakin’ rockin’ chair in my bedroom. I sit by the window just rockin’ away and lookin out — not seein’ anything in front of my eyes,Continue reading “Remembering Izzy — a short story”

Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’

This post is my second foray into the Wordle Writing Challenge, where we are encouraged to write a short story or poem that includes all of the words in a specific box. Each Sunday we receive a new box — the work of Brenda Warren over at “The Sunday Whirl.” So if you’re interested inContinue reading “Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’”

The Fragrance of Home

This morning I  poured myself a cup of tea — well, actually, it was a mug rather than a cup — and that’s what made the difference. This mug was very deep, and when I picked it up to take a drink, the aroma of the freshly brewed tea wafted up and into my nostrils,Continue reading “The Fragrance of Home”

100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 119 – Carried on a Song

It’s nice to be able to participate again this week in Julia’s 100-word story challenge. It’s been a while since I got a chance to take part, so I’ve enjoyed this time around, and I hope the rest of you are enjoying coming up with your own stories as well. Here’s my offering: CARRIED ONContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 119 – Carried on a Song”

‘Going Home’ — a short, short story

My friend Dawn, a photographer and host of the blog “The Day After,” posted this beautiful photograph on her site a few days ago. It so captured my attention that it eventually inspired a short story – a Christmas story, if you will. She has given me permission to use her picture for my storyContinue reading “‘Going Home’ — a short, short story”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 2

When I think of the sea I remember, with great joy and nostalgia, the year my family and I spent part of the summer on the beach in South Carolina, USA. My sister and I were very young, but the memories of that trip, which included our parents, one grandmother, and one aunt and uncle,Continue reading “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 2”

Friday Fictioneers – 6/14/13 — On Stage

ON STAGE Cold sunlight glares through the high windows onto the scarred, wooden stage as I walk its length slowly. My old friend the upright just sits there – battered – bruised – silent.  No more music. A catch-all now for props from long-abandoned comic skits and love scenes. Stark shadows punctuate the old, stainedContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 6/14/13 — On Stage”

Friday Fictioneers — February 22

The Painted Fence Odd … the fence so freshly painted. The barn still bore silent scars from enemy troops scouring the countryside of its rightful owners and leaving all to ruin. A few lucky farmers had fled, losing all they’d worked for. But before … before death and destruction … she and Johann had walkedContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers — February 22”

Thank You, Veterans!

  To serve during a time of peace exhibits Faithfulness. To serve during a time of war exhibits Courage. To serve because the cause is just, and it is the right thing to do exhibits Honor.   I want to take advantage of this Memorial Day to express my limitless appreciation to every man andContinue reading “Thank You, Veterans!”