We recently had a weather forecast for snow and other wintery precipitation in our area.  I was feeling all the usual negatives that come with that kind of forecast, while hearing children and a few friends exclaim how much they were looking forward to it.  Their attitude put me in a worse mood, and while sitting looking out the window, wondering when it would start, this poem came to me.  I hope it strikes a chord in a few of you, my readers.  The photograph is of my gorgeous Blue Spruce tree in my front yard.


When I was a child, I thought as a child,
And snow was a thing so delightful!
From school we were free; we got wet to the knees,
And our mom’s day was thrown all off schedule.

But now that I’m grown, I must do on my own
All the chores Mom and Dad used to dread:
Stock up food by the loads, drive on slippery roads,
Shovel snow, and repair that old sled.

Now I look with dismay at the skies leaden gray
As I trudge to the store for supplies.
De-icer and salt sell out fast with no halt.
I need new boots to tread on the ice.

The wind from the north is bitter and harsh,
But my temperature, still it is rising;
I am in a foul mood, for I see nothing good
That can come from a snowstorm arriving.

But then the flakes start, and I feel in my heart –
Watching white, fluffy, wonderful, wild
Filling all of my world with such beauty unfurled –
That in truth I am still just a child!



3 thoughts on “Snowchild

  1. Thanks for visiting me too and I love your poetry, I sometimes have a play with poems but don’t take myself seriously because I’m too lazy to learn. You however seem like you’re a natural 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gilly. I don’t write as much poetry as I do articles and books, but I do enjoy writing it. My mother also wrote a lot of poetry, so maybe I inherited a little of her gift. Thanks for your compliment. Are you acquainted with “The Bard On The Hill”? He is also a WordPress blogger — lives in Texas. He is a poet and is very good. He also puts a number of instructional things on his site and encourages people who like to write poetry. You might enjoy his site:
      Blessings. Sandra

  2. Lovely words of prose.
    Though it may seem a bit redundant at first, as the awards are usually given from other bloggers and not some formidable, elected group of experts, the awards given, when payed forward, help to generate a wonderful corresponding network of friends within the bloggerhood. This builds inspiration, and of course traffic ensues inspiration and… Well, anyway, I’m awarding you the “Candle Lighter Award” as I perceive your blog site a light unto many tired, dirty feet seeking a path to follow.

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    Bless You…though it’s not an accredited accolade ascribed and presented by some coat and tie organization…your site has more than procured the honor from non less than your peers, and fellow bloggers..
    Bless You

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