Country Christmas Roads

Country lanes at Christmas — For the traveler, such a chore. Snow encrusted, rutted lanes That make manuv’ring poor. It’s hard to see the shoulders And the middle line is blurred. For traffic in the other lane No ample room’s assured. And drawing towards the end of day, When light is running low, Traversing snowyContinue reading “Country Christmas Roads”

Daily Post Prompt: Shine – via Terry Valley Photography

Today’s prompt made me think instantly of some great “shiny” photos by my friend, photographer Terry Valley. To participate in today’s prompt visit the Daily Post. ~~~

Prompt Nights # 37: Winter and Warm Memories

  SNOWCHILD When I was a child, I thought as a child, And snow was a thing so delightful. From school we were free; we got wet to the knees, And our mom’s day was thrown all off schedule. But now that I’m grown, I must do on my own All the chores Mom andContinue reading “Prompt Nights # 37: Winter and Warm Memories”

“Thawing The Ice” — My Response to ‘Anyone Got a Story’ Writing Challenge

Finally!!! I have been energized by the other authors who have been quick to respond to the writing challenge “Anyone Got a Story to Go With This Picture,” and, at last, I have had an opportunity to sit down and write mine. I offer it below. And remember, there is no time limit on takingContinue reading ““Thawing The Ice” — My Response to ‘Anyone Got a Story’ Writing Challenge”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 10

Posting a day early because of the holiday. I have borrowed a window again this week, mainly because it is one of my favorite window pictures, and it seem so very appropriate for this Thanksgiving week. I’m truly enjoying all of your pictures. Isn’t it amazing how something  so “ordinary” can suddenly become a thingContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 10”