7 thoughts on “Big White Flakes of Spring

  1. Glad I live down here in central Florida where it is only going to 38 tonight! You all quit sending that cold weather down here. Broke a record today for the coldest Mar 26th. Happy Spring to all of us, if it every gets here. 🙂

  2. I was born in Belleville, Illinois across the river from St. Louis. I have fond memories of our 4 distinct seasons in the Midwest that always assured a white blanket of snow in Winter months. Now I’m retired and living in Portland, Oregon, land of eternal drizzle & rain. We don’t get hot & we don’t get cold. It’s been years since we had much of a snow storm here with this Winter being a total washout. Still, I love the Pacific Northwest and intend to spend my remaining years right here. – Bob

  3. Actually, I love snow:-) I’m always reminded of the purity it shows! Here in India, we don’t get to see the seasons change:-(
    But once had the chance to experience winter and spring when we were in Boston, Mass, two years ago.I love this photo:-)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the photo. I’m including a link here to a post I did in December with a couple more pictures of snow. We were facing the possibility of a blizzard right before Christmas, and I was reminded of a poem I had written about my feelings concerning snow. So I did this post:

      My nephew had the opportunity to live in India for six months last year. He was there on a Fulbright scholarship, doing research in Chennai. He had his wife and their three little bitty children with him. (youngest was five months). The heat was almost intolerable for them — and so constant. They were grateful for the experience but were thrilled to get back to more tolerant climate.

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