Big White Flakes of Spring

It really is spring!  You can see it in the air!  It’s in all those big white things that are swirling madly through the air and sticking to all the trees, the yards, and the cars.


My Southern Illinois (USA) neighborhood yesterday, March 25, 2013.


7 thoughts on “Big White Flakes of Spring

  1. Makes one wonder if spring will ever arrive! Today we feel hope in the air as it is above zero and trickles of melting snow can be seen on the sidewalk 🙂

  2. Glad I live down here in central Florida where it is only going to 38 tonight! You all quit sending that cold weather down here. Broke a record today for the coldest Mar 26th. Happy Spring to all of us, if it every gets here. 🙂

  3. I was born in Belleville, Illinois across the river from St. Louis. I have fond memories of our 4 distinct seasons in the Midwest that always assured a white blanket of snow in Winter months. Now I’m retired and living in Portland, Oregon, land of eternal drizzle & rain. We don’t get hot & we don’t get cold. It’s been years since we had much of a snow storm here with this Winter being a total washout. Still, I love the Pacific Northwest and intend to spend my remaining years right here. – Bob

  4. Actually, I love snow:-) I’m always reminded of the purity it shows! Here in India, we don’t get to see the seasons change:-(
    But once had the chance to experience winter and spring when we were in Boston, Mass, two years ago.I love this photo:-)

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photo. I’m including a link here to a post I did in December with a couple more pictures of snow. We were facing the possibility of a blizzard right before Christmas, and I was reminded of a poem I had written about my feelings concerning snow. So I did this post:

      My nephew had the opportunity to live in India for six months last year. He was there on a Fulbright scholarship, doing research in Chennai. He had his wife and their three little bitty children with him. (youngest was five months). The heat was almost intolerable for them — and so constant. They were grateful for the experience but were thrilled to get back to more tolerant climate.

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