Is It Spring Yet?

I see a little clump of snow just here and there.
And I see gray and blustery clouds most everywhere.
But in my heart I know things are about to turn,
And though the ‘month of love’ I do disdain to spurn,
I am so jolly glad that March is moving in;
I’m quite prepared to meet it with a friendly grin.
But then I stop and tell myself, “Remember dear,
That we’ve had heavy snows in March some other years.”
Alas, that is a daunting thought, but I intend
To cast that sad reminder to the garbage bin.
I’m holding out for sunny skies and grasses green
And happy flowers where dried up sod and snow has been.


Amazing Azaleas

Cee’s Flower of the Day post today caused me to dig out pictures of my azaleas. I’ve been very blessed with these gorgeous blooms for years. Last year I had to cut a couple of the bushes way back because they had taken over my sidewalk and my front porch. This year, they were a little sluggish in producing, but a friend of mine assures me that by next year, they will be going full-throttle again. ¬†Anyway, here are some shots from 2 or 3 different years.





Prompt Nights 11- Spring

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My calendar says April,
And Spring is official,
But something is wrong
In my world.
For cold winds are blowing;
It just might start snowing,
If those clouds I see
Come unfurled.

What has happened to seasons?
They have no rhyme or reason;
Now we cannot rely
On the norm.
For in winter, flowers bloom,
And this spring, cold, gray gloom
Has taken the place
Of temps warm.

Everything’s topsy-turvy,
And it causes some worry,
For I just can’t decide
What to wear.
When it’s all said and done,
Normal seasons are gone;
Weather’s gone quite berserk