Amazing Azaleas

Cee’s Flower of the Day post today caused me to dig out pictures of my azaleas. I’ve been very blessed with these gorgeous blooms for years. Last year I had to cut a couple of the bushes way back because they had taken over my sidewalk and my front porch. This year, they were a little sluggish in producing, but a friend of mine assures me that by next year, they will be going full-throttle again.  Anyway, here are some shots from 2 or 3 different years.





10 thoughts on “Amazing Azaleas

  1. I know what you’re thinking – he must have a 1940s story for everything – yes a lot, but not EVERYTHING. When I was 10 or 11 our family took a day trip to Mobile – to Bellingrath Gardens – famous for its Azaleas. My Christian mother stepped over a low fence and absconded with some azalea clippings. This trip is a distinct memory to me, as it was on that same trip that I purchased a Cleveland’s stick and tissue balsa wood model of a Douglas DC-3 – hopelessly way over my head in difficulty as a youth. The azaleas flourished, the DC-3 wound up as scrap, and those azaleas were (20 or so years later) transplanted in the yard of my parents new (and final) home on – you guessed it – BELLINGRATH DRIVE in Jackson, MS. I suppose those stolen azaleas are still there! I wish I’D thought to taken some clipping of those clippings myself. I promise that this story is true.

    1. A great story, Bill. If I were you, I’d go to that house and tell the story to whoever lives there now. Ask them if you could take a couple clippings of the azaleas. I bet they’d say yes.

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