Trip Report – Paris 2011

I thought I’d share this trip report of my sister’s very first visit to Paris. She loves the city and keeps going back, but her first visit was pretty eventful, and, in my estimation was a pretty brave thing to do all by herself. (She’s braver than I am.) I also think it will be encouraging for people who have never traveled internationally — especially alone — but who are getting ready to do so. Includes lots of great pictures.

Brenda Travels Solo

325 Emirates Airlines

Day 1 – I traveled to Paris directly from Chennai, India and flew on Emirates Airlines. When I got on the plane, I was shocked. Very nice and spacious! Lots of head room once cubbies were closed. I had an aisle seat and no one beside me. Before the plane even got pushed out to the runway, the flight attendants were passing out hot towels and lime juice. Mind you, this is economy class. As soon as we were in the air, the breakfast menu came. There was such wonderful food and so much I could barely hold it. However, since it was a long double flight and I thought there was to be only one meal served, I ate everything on the plate.

I had a stopover at the Dubai airport on the way to Paris. I walked into the Dubai airport and noticed I wasn’t anywhere…

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