Amazing Azaleas

Cee’s Flower of the Day post today caused me to dig out pictures of my azaleas. I’ve been very blessed with these gorgeous blooms for years. Last year I had to cut a couple of the bushes way back because they had taken over my sidewalk and my front porch. This year, they were a little sluggish in producing, but a friend of mine assures me that by next year, they will be going full-throttle again.  Anyway, here are some shots from 2 or 3 different years.





Twice Blessed

Well, I’m a little excited.  Last year, in December, I think I mentioned that one of my Azalea bushes had started to bloom a second time – even though we were in the middle of winter. I felt especially blessed by that event. It wasn’t as if the bush hadn’t bloomed in the spring as it’s supposed to do. In fact, I experienced one of the most overflowing blooming seasons of all my flowering plants last spring and have hoards of photos to prove it (many of which I’ve already shared with you folks out there).

Again this spring, all of the plants and bushes bloomed lavishly, but now – to my delighted surprise – this same Azalea bush is blooming a second time in the middle of October. The trees are turning gold red and brown all around it, but this one bold Azalea is blooming it’s lovely lacy-white petals as if it didn’t notice autumn in the air at all. I am twice blessed again this year. Happy Me!




This abundant exhibition of beauty is truly a gift from God.  I am blessed to be surrounded by all of it in my yard this year — particularly since I am not much of a gardener or grounds-keeper. I thought I’d share the beauty with my readers in this little slide show.  Depending on the size of your screen, the photos may not come out very large in the slide show, but there are just too many to post as separate pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

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