Gray Days


Gray days strain at my nerves.
One now and then isn’t bad.
But day after day of gray after gray
Is starting to make me quite sad.

My psyche’s all out of whack
Mornings are like end of day.
I don’t mean to whine, but with no sun to shine,
Even my blue car turns gray.

A rainy day once in a while
Is surely a blessing indeed.
But rain every day, with more gray and more gray,
My patience quite totally exceeds.





Prompt Nights 16: Rain

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I love rain:
The showers of spring that stir up life and its delightful scents.
The soft, warm summer rains I can walk in,
The cooling, freshening rains that end a scorching July drought,
The thundering, pounding rains of a sudden summer storm,
The steady, two-day autumn rains that intensify the unique scents and colors of my favorite season,
The gray, quiet winter rains that, thankfully, melt away the unwanted snow.

I love rain:
Rain moving in heavy curtains across the mountains,
Rain dripping from the roofs and trees all along my quiet street,
Rain gently soaking thirsty fields and gardens pregnant with seed,
Rain pounding the roof of the empty church where I pray alone,
Rain sweeping in gusts across my front porch where I stand delighting in its feel on my skin,
Rain in the city, blurring the ugly and adding an extra glisten to the lights and colors.

I love rain!


NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 6

Cinquain # 6: Global Warming???

The say
Earth’s growing warm.
But Spring has brought cold winds
And frigid nights. Me thinks someone
Has lied.


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You can follow the prompts on that site or write something from your own ideas. I’m doing only cinquain this year, and writing on whatever subject suits my fancy each day.


NaPoWriMo – Day 3 — The Flood


We are now to Day 3 of NaPoWriMo, and since our hostess insists that the prompts on the host site are completely optional — and that we are free to write any poem we choose — I have taken the liberty again today to write a poem that I had in my heart.  We have had a whole afternoon and evening of stormy weather and much flash flooding in our area. That situation caused me to feel so much for those who are dealing with fast-rising waters that this poem just rose up in my soul. You will find it just below the picture.



Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We must lead all the horses from the barn.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Find the cow and calf so they don’t come to harm.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Collect all mother’s quilts and hand crochet.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We don’t have much time left in which to get away.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Wrap up the photos and the Bible dear.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We must not take the time right now to shed our tears.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
This old beloved home may not last long.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
But we’ll still have each other safe, and our love’s strong.






Is Hell Freezing Over?


Nine degrees below freezing, with wind chills of 20° below. Thirty below, with wind chills of 55° below. And that’s in the ‘lower 48.’  Forecasts sound like a broken record: “Ice and snow today, with snow tomorrow, and more ice the following day. Look for more of the same next week and the next.” Snow in Florida; Atlanta snowed under; San Diego Airport shut down – due to snow.

What on earth is going on? I don’t remember a winter when such extreme, bizarre weather swept the ENTIRE nation – and just kept on coming. I’m tired of it, certainly, but I got to thinking today that the real problem for a lot of people just might not be here on earth after all.

The real problem could be for all those people who have been decreeing, nonchalantly but repeatedly, that there are certain things they’re so against doing that they would do them only when Hell froze over. And I’ve just been pondering that situation. Do you suppose that this year just might possibly be the year that Hell really does freeze over?

Anybody out there getting nervous??? 



100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 81 – A Woman Scorned

This week’s prompt: “… the unseasonal weather meant …” Here’s my response:

A Woman Scorned

The unseasonal weather meant she’d have to dig through the packed-away winter clothes for a coat and gloves. April … and 32º!

She hated winter!  Hated weddings!  She’d tried to find an excuse not to go, but no chance. And now this!

Suddenly, she stopped still … grinning. Exhilarating thought!  It was an outdoor wedding!  And no time to change it!  She’d stand there warm and cozy and watch that vixen who’d stolen her boyfriend shiver and turn an ugly blue in her strapless white gown.


Of all the nerve!

She knelt: “Dear God, she wants a white wedding. Please send her a foot of snow!”


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Just Do It


These delightful daffodils — golden bells of sunshine — exploded in my back yard a day ago. They always come — regardless of what the weather man says. A friend told me today that she heard a winter-weather advisory for this area, and I responded that almost every year, as soon as my daffodils come up, then the weather turns mean and nasty and tries to beat them to the ground. But these daffodils represent life, and life keeps producing life — even in the very face of death.

I got to thinking, after talking to my friend, that these daffodils, like everything else God created, have a job to do. They are to push their way up out of the ground and grow straight and tall to announce that spring has come and new life is available. They do their job perfectly, regardless of any possible consequences.

So I’m taking a lesson from these little flowers, and I’m sharing that lesson with you: Don’t worry about whether anything or anyone else is doing what he’s supposed to do. And don’t look all around to see if all circumstances are in your favor. Just be faithful over what you have been assigned. If you have a job to do —- DO IT!