Prompt Nights 16: Rain

Visit  “A Dash of Sunny” to get the details about participating. RAIN I love rain: The showers of spring that stir up life and its delightful scents. The soft, warm summer rains I can walk in, The cooling, freshening rains that end a scorching July drought, The thundering, pounding rains of a sudden summer storm,Continue reading “Prompt Nights 16: Rain”

NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 6

Cinquain # 6: Global Warming??? The say Earth’s growing warm. But Spring has brought cold winds And frigid nights. Me thinks someone Has lied. * There’s still plenty of time to take part. Visit You can follow the prompts on that site or write something from your own ideas. I’m doing only cinquain this year,Continue reading “NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 6”

NaPoWriMo – Day 3 — The Flood

  We are now to Day 3 of NaPoWriMo, and since our hostess insists that the prompts on the host site are completely optional — and that we are free to write any poem we choose — I have taken the liberty again today to write a poem that I had in my heart.  WeContinue reading “NaPoWriMo – Day 3 — The Flood”

Is Hell Freezing Over?

Nine degrees below freezing, with wind chills of 20° below. Thirty below, with wind chills of 55° below. And that’s in the ‘lower 48.’  Forecasts sound like a broken record: “Ice and snow today, with snow tomorrow, and more ice the following day. Look for more of the same next week and the next.” SnowContinue reading “Is Hell Freezing Over?”

100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 81 – A Woman Scorned

This week’s prompt: “… the unseasonal weather meant …” Here’s my response: A Woman Scorned The unseasonal weather meant she’d have to dig through the packed-away winter clothes for a coat and gloves. April … and 32º! She hated winter!  Hated weddings!  She’d tried to find an excuse not to go, but no chance. AndContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 81 – A Woman Scorned”

Just Do It

These delightful daffodils — golden bells of sunshine — exploded in my back yard a day ago. They always come — regardless of what the weather man says. A friend told me today that she heard a winter-weather advisory for this area, and I responded that almost every year, as soon as my daffodils comeContinue reading “Just Do It”