NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 6

Cinquain # 6: Global Warming???

The say
Earth’s growing warm.
But Spring has brought cold winds
And frigid nights. Me thinks someone
Has lied.


There’s still plenty of time to take part. Visit
You can follow the prompts on that site or write something from your own ideas. I’m doing only cinquain this year, and writing on whatever subject suits my fancy each day.


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 6

    1. The poem is meant as a joke, of course, but I’ve read a good deal of scientific material that leads me to believe that a great deal of the hoopla about global warming is artificial information based on deliberately constructed data. I find it hard to believe that God, in His wisdom, did not prepare this planet with everything it needs for its own survival until HE is ready to wrap it up. I don’t believe we (the human race) can destroy this planet or make it uninhabitable. But due to the strict form required by cinquain, I couldn’t say nearly that much.

  1. When news of “global warming” first began to rear its ugly head, it brought to mind times when I sipped a glass of iced tea. I often nursed this glass, so caught up in the mysteries of such as the sound of one hand clapping or the age old question, if a tree fell in a forest and there was no one to hear the sound it made as it made its way to the forest floor, was there really a sound?

    It was during these times that I observed that as the ice melted and brought the contents ever closer to the rim of the glass, the contents never spilled over the side! Why is this, I pondered? My mind began to realize that the displacement of the liquid made by the solid ice, as the ice melted, this newly found liquid took its rightful place with the other liquid in the glass with equal volume. Hence, the displacement made by the liquid and that of the ice were equal and, therefore, could not slip over the edge!

    Now knowing and realizing this, as the polar ice caps melt during this “warm weather phenomena,” keeping in mind what I had learned from the glass of iced tea, the law of physics would assert itself at these much larger quantities, yet could not overflow the banks of surrounding nations and flood the earth, just as the fluids within the glass did not overflow the rim of the glass! Interesting…


    1. Yes, it is interesting, and those laws of physics help me add fuel to my theory that this old planet has a built-in “fail-safe system,” if you will, put there by its Creator, that will keep it as the perfect habitation for humanity until humanity’s lease is up. Thanks for the extra data.

      I did hear on a radio talk show yesterday that there is a movement on that will make it illegal to not support efforts to eliminate global warming and that could lead to fines and other consequences for citizens of the U. S. who do not comply with this questionable theory. The insanity increases.

      1. Hey, Sandra. Sure agree with your observation of God’s built-in fail-safe system.

        It never ceases to amaze me the arrogance of people that actually believe that it is possible to destroy God’s world. We, however, do seem to possess abilities to alter and/or change foliage and landscapes and such, and to actually contribute to the demise of some animal species, not to mention large segments of the human population, yet all of this is only possible if it falls within the parameters of God’s overall plans for humanity and this planet.

        I believe it would be a great idea for most of us to ban together and recognize that no part of this or any other government has the right to impose any so-called law and its enforcement, benign or malignant, upon any human being. I will carry this premise one step further: to ban together and not recognize any form of government, federal, state, local, city. People will never be free so long as they are governed. It is an oxymoron.

        God bless…


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