Is Hell Freezing Over?


Nine degrees below freezing, with wind chills of 20° below. Thirty below, with wind chills of 55° below. And that’s in the ‘lower 48.’  Forecasts sound like a broken record: “Ice and snow today, with snow tomorrow, and more ice the following day. Look for more of the same next week and the next.” Snow in Florida; Atlanta snowed under; San Diego Airport shut down – due to snow.

What on earth is going on? I don’t remember a winter when such extreme, bizarre weather swept the ENTIRE nation – and just kept on coming. I’m tired of it, certainly, but I got to thinking today that the real problem for a lot of people just might not be here on earth after all.

The real problem could be for all those people who have been decreeing, nonchalantly but repeatedly, that there are certain things they’re so against doing that they would do them only when Hell froze over. And I’ve just been pondering that situation. Do you suppose that this year just might possibly be the year that Hell really does freeze over?

Anybody out there getting nervous??? 



8 thoughts on “Is Hell Freezing Over?

  1. I assume you’re in America’s South? Try living in the Northeast. We here are amused at how little cold and snow it takes to cripple the Confederacy. Ha. God bless.

    1. Actually, I’m right in the middle — in Southern Illinois. But your statement reminds me of when I did live in the South. When my family and I first moved to Nashville, TN, quite a few years ago, we discovered that the South was still fighting the Civil War.

      However, we also discovered that the people of the South were the friendliest, most caring and helpful people we’d ever known. We were welcomed with open arms and virtually overwhelmed with offers of friendship and help of every kind in getting settled and becoming a part of the community. When we moved back to Illinois years later, the coldness and total lack of neighborliness in the people here shocked us.

  2. Well, dems fighten words Pastor Sandra… hehe… not really.. as I for one am surely not still fighting the civil war…at least.. not the first, and physical one… who ever heard of a war that was civil to begin with. Oh, but, I lived over in Tennessee myself a few years.. in Cleveland, and I can believe there may be some there still fighting the civil war. But, what can you expect, there were like, 5 or 6 of those guys who loved to fight so much they traveled a thousand miles to take on the entire Mexican army.. remember the Alamo? But, as I recall there were a few from my state, and from Illinois there also. I wouldn’t doubt there were a few from Sir Thomas Summers state who fought there too… whom, I’m sure knows it wasn’t cold and snow that crippled the highways, it was 2 inches of solid slick ice… and as the weather patterns have changed so in the past few years, I seem to recall a few massive pile ups on the freeways up y’all’s way at the beginning of the winter this year…from people not realizing the difference in Ice, and snow..
    Living here in a military area, it was stated on the local news that the majority of wrecks that happened the past few days involved drivers from Alaska, New Jersey, New York and Canada, all who thought they were used to driving in it.. but, obviously, they were wrong. Ice just isn’t the same as snow. Not trying to fight any battles here, .. just saying.. of course, I know you know the difference, Sandra, as I lived in Illinois, and spent a winter in Battle Creek Michigan before.. and driving in snow is easy.. well, Illinois, with the 20 foot drifts, and 50 mile an hour winds make it a bit treacherous at times.. but anyway.. yeah, I’ve often thought I might like to move back to one of those places..
    “When Hell Freezes Over!” lol
    God Bless You

    1. Hi, Paul. Good to hear from you again. And, of course, you know I said that about the Civil War with my tongue slightly in my cheek. But in all honesty, after a few of the statements that were made to us, we looked at each other and said, “Some of these people are still fighting the Civil War!” It was just a surprise.

      But the thing we noticed MOST about all those people, as I mentioned, was their friendliness and helpfulness. It was offered to us from day one, and never ceased all the time we lived there. I still miss that feeling and that lifestyle. People up here have no clue how to be “good neighbors,” the way the people in Tennessee were. My family and I also traveled a great deal in the south over many years, and we saw that kind of treatment all through the south.

      As far as the war itself, have to confess that I am personally something of a rebel. I have always had Confederate leanings myself when it came to that great rift. I naturally would never be in favor of slavery. However, I do believe the question of states’ rights — which ultimately was the root controversy — is a major and vital issue.

      When this whole thing came up in Arizona, with Governor Brewer’s attempts to safeguard Arizona’s own citizens against violent illegal aliens, I saw the issue coming to the forefront again. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the issue, and I’m seeing and hearing LOTS of good, law-abiding citizens who are now stirring restlessly, due to the fact that, for the first time in this nation’s history, its citizens are afraid of their own government as their enemy. In all honesty, I would not be surprised to see another “Civil War” break out if we don’t get rid of certain totalitarian influences in Washington. I’m working on a new novel about that topic right now.

      Well ya’ll keep being friendly down there. I’m still working as hard as I can to be able to move to North Caroline. I have my spot picked out: Bryson City. All I need is for the Lord to agree with me enough to open the door to a job. Pray, pray, pray!


  3. Well it may interest you to know that it was 46 degrees C here the other day. If you are still working in the old scale I think that is about 114 degrees F so definitely not freezing and pretty uncomfortable. Still our winters are very nice – last winter didn’t even get a frost – stay warm!

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