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I love rain:
The showers of spring that stir up life and its delightful scents.
The soft, warm summer rains I can walk in,
The cooling, freshening rains that end a scorching July drought,
The thundering, pounding rains of a sudden summer storm,
The steady, two-day autumn rains that intensify the unique scents and colors of my favorite season,
The gray, quiet winter rains that, thankfully, melt away the unwanted snow.

I love rain:
Rain moving in heavy curtains across the mountains,
Rain dripping from the roofs and trees all along my quiet street,
Rain gently soaking thirsty fields and gardens pregnant with seed,
Rain pounding the roof of the empty church where I pray alone,
Rain sweeping in gusts across my front porch where I stand delighting in its feel on my skin,
Rain in the city, blurring the ugly and adding an extra glisten to the lights and colors.

I love rain!