Weekend Coffee Share 8/3/19

If we were having coffee together today, I’d be serving you my Folgiers half & half blend. I love Folgiers.  I generally enjoy Maxwell House coffee as well. Many of my family members and friends use the Keurig coffee makers, and they’re okay, but the coffee just doesn’t taste as good as it does whenContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share 8/3/19”

Prompt Nights 16: Rain

Visit  “A Dash of Sunny” to get the details about participating. RAIN I love rain: The showers of spring that stir up life and its delightful scents. The soft, warm summer rains I can walk in, The cooling, freshening rains that end a scorching July drought, The thundering, pounding rains of a sudden summer storm,Continue reading “Prompt Nights 16: Rain”