Daily Post Prompt: Shine – via Terry Valley Photography

Today’s prompt made me think instantly of some great “shiny” photos by my friend, photographer Terry Valley.






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22 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Shine – via Terry Valley Photography

    1. I do have some of my own pictures on “Flickr,” but since the photos in this post are by Terry Valley at Visions Seen Photography, I’m assuming you’re wanting to know if he has photos on the “Flickr” site. He does have, but I don’t have the link. He also has photos posted on the “Deviant Art” site. This is the link to his work on that site:

        1. For some reason, Terry stopped using Flickr and started posting everything on Deviant Art. I do have some photos on two different Flilckr sites myself. I like it better than Deviant Art. I set up the second site because I changed my name on my account, but could not get the photos on the two pages to merge into one page. So if you want to look at my photos on Flickr, there are 2 links:



      1. Welcome! Please check my travel blog lifeofhoi.blog and please share your feedback! And Terry’s πŸ™‚ !

    1. The pictures I took were taken with an old Toshiba with a Canon 10X Zoom Lense. But as I explained in the post, half of the pictures were taken by a photography friend, and I don’t know what kind of camera he used. But I’m glad you liked them.

    1. I’m not sure how you’re doing your pingbacks, but here’s how it should work. See if this is how you did it.

      Go to the Daily Post site with the prompt that your working on. Copy the URL address of that post from the address bar at the top of the page. Then write your post on your own site. In that post mention that this post is in response to the “Daily Post Prompt.” Highlight those words (Daily Post Prompt), go up to the editor tool bar, and click on the chain link symbol. When that window opens, paste the address you copied into that window. That makes the words into the link — which constitutes your pingback automatically. You don’t need to post anything onto a comment window on the Daily Post page. It automatically connects you when you publish your post on your own site. Then when you go back to the Daily Post page, you should see your site listed with the others that responded.

      I hope this helps.

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