Friday Fictioneers – 6/17/19

Friday Fictioneers this week is based on the picture prompt below by Valerie J. Barrett. My story is below the picture.   SEEDS FOR A NEW BEGINNING The old stove looked as if Granny would be scurrying back into the kitchen any minute. I could almost hear the teakettle hum. The house should have feltContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 6/17/19”

Revelation of Personal Potential

I had two experiences this week that reminded me of a quote I wrote down back in 2007. At that time, I was watching an episode of a new TV series — not a very good one actually, but one I had just sort of “connected with.”  In one of the episodes the main character,Continue reading “Revelation of Personal Potential”

First Poem of the Year

Ho!  The new year is upon me! Its first poem must be penned. I have a new beginning, And I must to it attend. Oh, I do not take it lightly That I have another chance To reach for goals before me, To learn a brand new dance. To dream some happy new dreams, ToContinue reading “First Poem of the Year”

Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Sometimes “starting over” is as simple as letting go of something that has been usurping one’s focus and direction for too long. That’s the subject of this original poem. LET HIM GO Let him go. It’s time to admit you’ve been a fool And take possession back of your own soul. At first encounter YouContinue reading “Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over”