Revelation of Personal Potential


I had two experiences this week that reminded me of a quote I wrote down back in 2007. At that time, I was watching an episode of a new TV series — not a very good one actually, but one I had just sort of “connected with.”  In one of the episodes the main character, who has seen her second love relationship fail and who is finding life in a new community extra challenging, experiences a revelation about her personal potential. She has just leased a log cabin on the edge of an icy lake, bordering a huge forest. She had expected to share it with the man she loves, but all of those plans have fallen through.

As the episode closes, even though tempted to feel defeated and alone — she goes out to the deck of the cabin — in freezing temperatures — and sits down to take in the gorgeous view of her new domain. As she soaks up the beauty and strength around her, she comes to a fresh revelation, and she speaks the following lines:

“Sometimes, if you have the right view and the right castle, you can lay the foundations for your new history all by yourself.”

The words captured my own thoughts so strongly, and I related to them so much that I immediately wrote them down. It’s a very true statement. We don’t have to wait for someone else to give us direction for our lives — to give us success or happiness. It’s wonderful to have others in our lives and to enjoy their love and support. But God has put within each of us all that we need to move forward in our lives — to experience new beginnings, new dreams, new adventures, and new victories.

So hopefully my sharing this quote will speak to someone else’s heart today and encourage a few people who may be experiencing loss or defeat. Don’t let yourself get buried under your old history. Start today to lay some of the new foundations for your new history from this moment forward.

(Sorry that I don’t recall the authors of that TV series or that episode to give them credit, but the series was titled Men In Trees, and hopefully those writers will forgive me for failing to give better credit.)

I’m including this post in Trent’s ”Weekly Smile” invitational — because every time I remember this quote, it does make me smile. Hop over to his site to get the details about participating.

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5 thoughts on “Revelation of Personal Potential

  1. It is a very nice quote. It isn’t just we too often expect others to make the foundation for our new history for us, it’s that we all too often blame others when things are not going in the direction that you would wish.

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