A Chapter a Day — 2

You’ll need to go HERE to read Chapter 1 first. Campus Crimes Series: Book 1 – Featuring Darcy Knight, Coed Detective CHAPTER TWO The professor was in the chair behind his desk, but he wasn’t sitting there the way he normally did. He looked more like he had fallen down into the chair, and itContinue reading “A Chapter a Day — 2”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving — New Series

Lee, over at Birdwatching Adventures Plus, asked me what I was going to do to entertain my blogging colleagues after the 31-day “Daily Grind Coffee Quotes.”  Well, here it is — only this new series will last only 8 days. It’s a series of pictures and thoughts in commemoration of one of our best-loved (andContinue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving — New Series”