Three-Day Coffee Cinquain Challenge — Day 1

I decided it’s time I wrote about coffee again, and I like to challenge myself to write about a common topic in an uncommon way. So I’ve decided to close out January with a 3-day challenge to myself to write a brand new coffee cinquain for the last 3 days of the month. And if any of my viewers would like to join the challenge, you are very welcome to do so. Just write your own coffee cinquain on your own site and hop over here and put the link to it in the Comment Window below. If you’re not familiar with cinquain, you can find an explanation on my poetry site at this link: Ahyoka/Cinquain.

So let’s get started with Day 1’s poem.

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My day
Is starting right:
My coffee’s black and hot,
My cup entwined in happy leaves.


Poet on the Loose – 12/8/13 – anything goes

Welcome to the second installment of “Poet On The Loose” poetry writing challenge. This time around, anything goes: You can write a poem with meter and rhyme, a poem with rhyme but no meter, a poem with meter but no rhyme, or free verse. Take your pick – or try all of the forms.

Basics Rules:
Write a poem based on the picture below. Post your poem on your own blog and then post the link to it in the “Comments” section on this page. We’ll let the challenge run until next Sunday, December 15.

I’ll try to come up with one of my own, but to get us started, I decided to post a poem my mother wrote many years ago. It has always been one of my favorites, and it fits this photo very well. It’s below the picture. This particular photo is not mine, but is from a purchased collection. I’ve always found it charming, especially the way the sunlight warms the whole scene.

Here’s your prompt. Have fun.

CAT # 1

Now I’m safe high up in this tree
Or could he be fooling me?
He’s gone away far too soon;
Hardly ever leaves ’til noon.

Oh, to bark or snarl or chase
Would take that grin off of his face.
Or if I were a bumble bee,
Bet that cat would be afraid of me!

One little wren don’t have a chance
When that arched back starts to prance.
But I will figure how, some day,
To make him prance the other way.

Oh, for two horns – like a bull;
I’d show him just who had pull.
Or if I were a bumble bee,
Bet that cat would be afraid of me!

Just like a snake in the grass,
Lie and wait for him to pass.
Or to buzz around his ears
Would show up some of his cat fears.

Oh, to sting him on the nose
Sure would keep him on his toes.
Yes, if I were a bumble bee,
That darn cat would be afraid of me!

© Vera Faye Pavloff




Wishin’ — My Take on the ‘Poet On The Loose’ Poetry Challenge

Here’s my first attempt at meeting my own poetry challenge. Hopefully, before the week is up, I can come up with something a little more substantial. But, if not, at least I made sure it has meter and rhyme.



Just sittin’ here awishin’
That I could go fishin’;
That way I’d be missin’
Doin’ all this here work.

But iffen’ I was fishin’,
There’d be no commission;
Room and board I’d be missin’;
So this work I can’t shirk.

Check out the post with the rules for this challenge here:


Poet On The Loose: Poetry Challenge 11/14/13

Hey, I’m in the mood for some fun today, so I’m issuing a new poetry challenge. The picture below is of a stained glass creation by a very dear friend of mine, Dorothy Mercer, who is now 92 years old.

She has led a most interesting and happy life, traveling the world and serving her hometown community in many beneficial roles. Making stained glass ornaments was a favorite hobby of hers for many years, and she has made pounds of it for family and friends. This piece is very dear to me, and I thought to capture it in a photo the other day as it hung on my kitchen wall.


But today, because I’m in a playful mood, I’ve decided to work at creating a poem about this piece. With that decision came this thought: why not invite everyone else to come over and play as well? So I’m inviting all my readers to jump in and have some fun with me.

Here’s the challenge:

Write a rhyming, metered poem based on this stained glass ornament. It can be about the piece itself or about some idea, dream, memory, or event that it brings to your mind. You may use any meter and rhyme scheme that you wish – but – IT MUST HAVE BOTH A DEFINITE METER AND RHYME.  No blank verse allowed.

Once you’ve written your poem and posted it on your blog, hop over here and leave your link in the comments section — along with any comments you want to make. I’ll share them all with Dorothy next time I get to visit her.

Feel free to download the picture and use it with your poem on your own site.

This challenge will close on November 28th.

(Now that I’ve issued this challenge, I hope I can come up with a poem. When I do, I’ll give it its own post and come back here and put the link in the comments section with the rest of them.)

I’m looking forward to some good poetry reading.