Poet on the Loose – 12/8/13 – anything goes

Welcome to the second installment of “Poet On The Loose” poetry writing challenge. This time around, anything goes: You can write a poem with meter and rhyme, a poem with rhyme but no meter, a poem with meter but no rhyme, or free verse. Take your pick – or try all of the forms.

Basics Rules:
Write a poem based on the picture below. Post your poem on your own blog and then post the link to it in the “Comments” section on this page. We’ll let the challenge run until next Sunday, December 15.

I’ll try to come up with one of my own, but to get us started, I decided to post a poem my mother wrote many years ago. It has always been one of my favorites, and it fits this photo very well. It’s below the picture. This particular photo is not mine, but is from a purchased collection. I’ve always found it charming, especially the way the sunlight warms the whole scene.

Here’s your prompt. Have fun.

CAT # 1

Now I’m safe high up in this tree
Or could he be fooling me?
He’s gone away far too soon;
Hardly ever leaves ’til noon.

Oh, to bark or snarl or chase
Would take that grin off of his face.
Or if I were a bumble bee,
Bet that cat would be afraid of me!

One little wren don’t have a chance
When that arched back starts to prance.
But I will figure how, some day,
To make him prance the other way.

Oh, for two horns – like a bull;
I’d show him just who had pull.
Or if I were a bumble bee,
Bet that cat would be afraid of me!

Just like a snake in the grass,
Lie and wait for him to pass.
Or to buzz around his ears
Would show up some of his cat fears.

Oh, to sting him on the nose
Sure would keep him on his toes.
Yes, if I were a bumble bee,
That darn cat would be afraid of me!

© Vera Faye Pavloff





  1. Got my home at Mahalima; / It’s the palace I adore. / Got a great big picture window / And a burly air-tight door, (a concrete block, flat roofed house my dad built in 1946, The verse hhad a melody with it — my second song) (My first song came during WW II as we drove ito our new town from a trip back to Southern IL about 1944: “First comes Milan, / Then Big Island / and fin’ly Rock Island; / It is a very happy town.”)

    1. I can hear you singing it now.
      Write a poem about this cat. Since you don’t have a blog, you can copy and paste the whole poem into the “Comment” box below this post.

  2. I apologize to everyone who read this page before I realized that it had not posted correctly. Even though I tried to make sure everything was laid out correctly, I somehow missed a problem, and the last half of the poem was way down the page. I think it’s fixed now. I am grateful for a very patient reading audience.

    1. Thanks, Gerry — and feel free to write something and post the link even after next week if you like. I’m not sure how many people will be checking after that date, but I’ll read it for sure.

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