Just a Reminder

Just a reminder that I will be continuing to devote an hour a day Monday through Friday each week — for a season — to pray specifically for any and all requests that come in through my websites or Facebook page. If you need prayer for any needs, I will gladly take them to the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. His finished work and His blood have bought freedom for us from the evil that comes against us in this world, but we must lay hold of that deliverance and freedom by faith in His Word.

I’ve received requests to pray for individuals, families, and churches. The list is growing rapidly, but it’s never too long or too hard for God. He loves to answer prayer.

Do not ask me to pray for so-called “unspoken requests.” My faith comes from the promises of God’s Word, and unless I know what I’m praying for, I can’t know there’s a promise for it. So you’ll need to be specific concerning what you need from the Lord.

Please DO NOT post your requests in the comment section below. I will delete prayer requests from there. Send your requests by e-mail to my ministry e-mail address:


You may feel free to comment on this post in a normal manner. Just don’t specify your private requests on this site, where thousands of people have access to them. Everything you send to the ministry e-mail will remain confidential. Only God and I — and occasionally another member of my ministry team — will know about them.

Do You Need Prayer This Week?

I believe the Lord has called me to a special hour of prayer for the needs of others tomorrow — Wednesday, July 21 — from 1:00-2:00 p.m. I’m inviting anyone out there with prayer needs to let me know if you’d like for me to pray for you specifically.  Please do not ask for prayer for so-called “unspoken requests.” The only way I can pray in faith about anything is if I know for sure what I’m praying for and can find the promises in the Word of God that cover those needs. That’s impossible to do with a request that is totally unidentified. But if you have any specific requests, feel free to let me know sometime between now and noon tomorrow.

Please DO NOT leave your request on this page. You can e-mail your requests to me at my ministry e-mail at the address below. You will need to have your request turned in by noon tomorrow, U.S. CDT.  I would love to pray for you and see the Lord move supernaturally to meet your needs in the name of Jesus Christ.


Is Praying A Struggle?

A good ministry friend of mine — a retired pastor — has a book out on prayer that a lot of struggling believers may find encouraging and helpful where their prayer life is concerned. AFRAID TO PRAY by William (Bill) Lewis is available from Amazon in paperback for $9.00

But Bill has copies available personally for a discount: $8.00, including tax and shipping. I’ve posted a portion of the book’s description below, as well as the link to it’s product page on Amazon. I’ve also included Bill’s e-mail so you can contact him personally if you are interested in a copy from him.

AFRAID TO PRAY explores some of the reasons so many people are reluctant to pray, and through scripture and common-sense examination, helps believers discover the means of overcoming these obstacles to prayer. AFRAID TO PRAY makes the case that prayer is the single most important element of the Christian lifestyle and is crucial to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This book reveals the truth of the ever-present attack on the Christian faith and provides the defense against the evil attempt to prevent prayer and block the path to God’s grace. It also details, in simple language, the weapons needed for victory for both Christians and non-Christians.
TO PURCHASE FROM AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1983099813

BILL’S E-MAIL: lewisbill781@gmail.com

What’s Stronger Than Corona Virus???

MEDICAL BAG - with crossWhat’s stronger than Corona Virus?

The Word of God
The Blood of Jesus
The Name of Jesus
Our Redemption From the Curse (which includes all sickness of every conceivable kind.)
The Word tells us in Galatians Chapter 3 that we who belong to Jesus Christ are redeemed from all sickness and disease (the curse of the broken law).
The Word tell us that we are healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 53:4-5 & 1 Peter 2:24)
The Word tells us that we are protected from all sickness and disease in God’s “secret place” (Psalm 91)
The Word tell us that we have power and authority over ALL the power of the enemy. (Luke 10:19).

So let’s do a better job of acting like we really do believe our Father’s Word. We who truly believe what the Word of God says need to be binding ourselves into strong agreement in prayer, taking authority over the Corona Virus and commanding it to stop it’s progression in our nation. Yes, it’s true that everyone who lives here is not a believer, but we as believers — who live in a nation ordained by God for His own purposes — have the spiritual authority to bind that disease from our land and keep everyone here safe from it — even those who don’t believe. The medical community has already admitted that they cannot overcome this thing. But we, the church of Jesus Christ, can. SO LET’S DO IT!!!


Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Challenge: ‘Favorite Spot’

I originally came by this photo unexpectedly as part of a set I purchased for use in some publishing projects.  From the first moment I saw it, I fell in love with it — primarily because it so perfectly depicts one of my favorite spots in the whole world.  Most of my adult life I have found that I would rather be alone in the sanctuary of a church visiting with the Lord than almost any other place on earth. A friend of mine once described me as a “church mouse,” because — as he said — I would like to just “live” in a church. Of course, we can pray any place — and I often do.  I learned long ago that God doesn’t care where we are, how we are positioned, what we are wearing, or how accurate our grammar is.  He just wants communication with us.  However, there has always been something so particularly special to me in spending time in a quiet, peaceful church sanctuary.

I remember, during one period of my life, my husband and I lived out in the country very close to a small country church that was more than 100 years old.  It had a very small congregation, and they generally had only two services in it each week.  The rest of the time it was empty. Even though my hubby and I actually belonged to a different church in a nearby town, we knew a great many of the local people who attended this small white frame church,and we knew quite a bit about its history.

At one time, I felt such a strong desire to spend some time in prayer there, and I asked one of the leaders of the congregation if it might be possible for me to do so.  He talked to the other leaders, and, to my amazement, they made me my very own key to the front door and said, “We like the idea that someone wants to spend time praying in our church throughout the week.  You just go and pray there any time you feel like it.” So I did.  In fact, I went almost daily for well over a year, and even after moving from the area, went back periodically for some time.

I cannot adequately describe what I felt there, but there was something so congenial about walking those old wooden floorboards, sitting in those wooden pews that shined from years of loving wear, and kneeling before the ornate wooden pulpit where so many saints had communed with God for over a hundred years. Often as I prayed there, I could feel the prayers of many of those men and women of faith who had called on God in that very place a century before I even knew how to do so.

This picture takes me back to that experience, and I cherish it deeply.

Thank you, Jake, for this challenge that stirred up such blessed memories.

If you’d like to participate in Jake’s challenge, here’s the link:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged # 2

My church has a small room designated as a prayer chapel, where people can go specifically to pray during the week and on Sundays, before and during the services. This group of crosses was carefully chosen and “arranged” across one wall of the chapel to help those who enter the room focus on Jesus Christ and the power of His complete salvation.