10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. I get teary-eyed every time I look at it. I don’t know these particular soldiers from Minnesota, but I know so many who were over there and in Afghanistan, and I feel for them.

  1. I believe that one who humbles himself before the Lord is someone who is soon lifted up, someone to be reckoned with.

    Happy Thanksgiving. God bless.

    S. Thomas Summers
    Pushcart Nominated Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

    1. Hey, Gerry, I thank you more than I can say for the nomination. I value your friendship in this blogging family very much. However, I’m not going to pick up on this award right now, and I hope you understand. (I feel sure you do.)

      I just received another award that required me to select 15 deserving bloggers to pass it on to, and that took me almost a week of work — determining who fit the criteria, checking their sites carefully to make sure they did not have that award yet, writing the post and listing all the rules, and then notifying each of the 15 bloggers personally. But I realized about halfway through that I was not using my time and energy wisely in doing so. I wanted them to be honored, but I believe there has to be a better way to do it.

      I administrate seven different blogs personally — most of them as a part of my ministry, and two of them mainly for personal interaction with great people like you. But the time I spend on here doing what I feel needs to be done on those blogs — and then working my three regular jobs in the “real” world — just prohibits my doing very much of the extra stuff on here. I hadn’t done anything about awards for some time, and when that one came in about a week ago, I went ahead and accepted it and followed all the rules, thinking maybe I had made too big an issue of the work. But — as I said above — I realized my mistake.

      Also, so many of the people that I can pass the awards to — those who really deserve it — are also too busy to follow through with them, so they never post the badges and get any good out of them because they don’t have the time to follow the rules either. And even though this award has just a few rules, they still involve a lot of what we in the States call “to-ing and fro-ing.” In all honesty, if I accepted and tried to pass it on, I would find myself apologizing to the people I nominated for putting them in a position to have to follow rules too. That’s what happened this last time.

      So please accept my earnest thanks and don’t feel badly that I am not going to follow through on this one — or on any others for that matter — for at least the rest of this year.

      You, sir, are very, very deserving of the award, and I’m so glad you received it.

      Thanks again and blessings on you.

      1. I fully understand Sandra, it is one the reasons I cheat, because they do take so much time. So not to worry just want you know how much i appreciate your blogs and loyalty to mine and of your friendship. Thank you for your explanation. Always welcome..;)

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