Just Call Me ‘Senorita’

I’ve always insisted that words have great power. They can move people to action; they can stop people dead in their tracks; they can hurt and destroy; they can give life and health. Words have power. That truth came home to me anew when I had lunch in a Mexican restaurant today. Another friend andContinue reading “Just Call Me ‘Senorita’”

Words That Tingle the Tongue

  I sat thinking today about how some words are more enjoyable to say than others. The majority of the words we use are simply tools that get the job done and don’t actually affect us in any kind of personal way. But then there are those wonderful words that literally tingle on our tongueContinue reading “Words That Tingle the Tongue”

NaPoWriMo – Day 15 – A Pantun

Just in case we have new readers who are not familiar withNaPoWriMo, perhaps I should explain again. It’s been a couple weeks since we talked about it in detail. April is National Poetry Month, and Maureen Thorson, in Washington, D. C. hosts a blogsite that invites all poets to participate in a special challenge inContinue reading “NaPoWriMo – Day 15 – A Pantun”

Warning: Watch What You Say!

Words have power. They can inflict wounds that last a lifetime or heal a broken heart. They can soothe a troubled child or ignite a revolution. They can destroy a friendship or kindle the flame of love. In fact, God’s Word says that the very power of life and death is in the words thatContinue reading “Warning: Watch What You Say!”