Just Call Me ‘Senorita’

SENORITA CLIP ART.JPG hispanicclipart.blogspot

I’ve always insisted that words have great power. They can move people to action; they can stop people dead in their tracks; they can hurt and destroy; they can give life and health. Words have power.

That truth came home to me anew when I had lunch in a Mexican restaurant today. Another friend and I were giving a treat to a lady whom we love dearly — and who has been dealing with dementia problems for the past couple of years. It was our small way of letting her know how much we love her and of giving her one more opportunity to feel normal again.  My focus was on her, of course, and seeing her delight and enjoyment of the experience was all the return I needed.

However, something else happened that gave me an added lift, and it came from a direction that I would never have expected. Our waiter — a young man who was very intense about getting our orders exactly right — especially since our friend had to have specific kinds of food — came back to our table several times to check on us. Every time he did so, he addressed us a “Senoritas.” Now, on the surface, that may not seem so very unusual. But when you consider that I have eaten in lots of Mexican restaurants during my lifetime — in a number of different states — many of which were staffed by Mexican people who could barely speak English — yet not one time in all those experiences have I ever been addressed as a “Senorita” — then the event is unusual.  But the most unusual thing about it was that every time this young waiter called me “Senorita,” it made me light up inside because it made me feel young and pretty.

Why?  I’m not sure.  But you know something? I don’t care why!  All I care about is that he used that title for me very naturally — and repeatedly — and it resulted in giving my personal outlook on myself a happy lift that lasted all day and is still with me as I write these words late tonight.

So — tomorrow — I’m going to make an extra effort to say some happy, positive, lifting words to the people I come in contact with. I usually try to speak to people in a positive manner anyway, but now I’m going to work even harder at it. This Senorita is going to pass on the happiness.



Senorita clip art: courtesy hyspanicclipart.blogspot.com

4 thoughts on “Just Call Me ‘Senorita’

    1. Thanks, Gerry. I just may find some Spanish blood in me somewhere. I know for sure I’m part Bulgarian, Polish, Scottish, and Cherokee. So I wouldn’t be surprised it there’s a tad of Hispanic genes somewhere in there too.

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