Up River in the Autumn

Please, won’t you come along with me Up river in the fall? We’ll float at leisure, passing woodlands Burnished, thick, and tall. We’ll watch thick clouds give way to sun That breaks horizon’s crest And choose a course that guarantees Delightful Autumn Rest. ~~~     photo courtesy of Larisa Koshkina @ pixabay.com    

Childhood’s Treasures: Daily Post Prompt

Sometimes treasures lie deep-buried, ‘Neath eons of soil and time, Long resisting human efforts To unearth and cleanse from grime. But then there are rare occasions When a prize will come to light Resting beneath shallow waters Waiting childhood’s keenest sight. To the toddler on adventure, Holding onto daddy’s hand, Tide-smoothed pebbles, multicolored, Constitute aContinue reading “Childhood’s Treasures: Daily Post Prompt”

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

I’m not an avid bridge photographer, but I do love to photograph rivers. And even though the bridge does not show in this picture, there is one here. I was standing on it when I made this shot. So I figure it counts. Weekly Photo Challenge ~~~

Along The River — a repeat post

I have posted this poem a couple times over the years, but today I found myself reading it again and being inspired by it. It is one of my own personal favorites of the countless poems I’ve written during my life, and I just decided I WANTED to post it again. ALONG THE RIVER TheContinue reading “Along The River — a repeat post”

Love Runs Through Me

Like a stream running through the mountains, Like a cool wind sweeping o’er the plains, Like a river rushing to the ocean, Like blood coursing through the veins, Like a current running through a cable, Like a song swirling through the mind, Like inspiration flowing through the poet, Like compassion coursing through the kind, SoContinue reading “Love Runs Through Me”

Cinquain Found In Nature

Bird song Called me from dreams To greet the day at dawn, With scent of dew on morning lawn: Incense. ~ River, You fascinate. My soul delights to sit And feel the rush of life within Your heart. ~ Mountain Of solid rock, Unmoved by elements, Yet helpless in man’s drive to build Highways. ~Continue reading “Cinquain Found In Nature”