Childhood’s Treasures: Daily Post Prompt


Sometimes treasures lie deep-buried,
‘Neath eons of soil and time,
Long resisting human efforts
To unearth and cleanse from grime.

But then there are rare occasions
When a prize will come to light
Resting beneath shallow waters
Waiting childhood’s keenest sight.

To the toddler on adventure,
Holding onto daddy’s hand,
Tide-smoothed pebbles, multicolored,
Constitute a treasure grand.

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2 thoughts on “Childhood’s Treasures: Daily Post Prompt

    1. Thank you. Good to know you braved that liberal camp and came out unscathed. Of course, you could probably hear the cries of pain from all the tortured liberals just south of the Canadian border. They’re howling like whipped puppies over here.

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