NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 10

To take part in this fun challenge, visit I’m doing only cinquain during this year’s National Poetry Writing Month challenge, and since today is National Siblings Day in the U. S., this subject seemed appropriate. Cinquain # 10:  Sisters Sisters I have but one, And always we’ve been close – As little girls andContinue reading “NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 10”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge — Orange

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange To be completely honest, I dislike orange very much. But it is, after all, a legitimate color, and I found loads of it in my photos just waiting for its share of attention. So here’s my offering. ` Well, I guess orange is okay — as long as it’s inContinue reading “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge — Orange”

Lucy’s Wish

My great-niece, Lucy, is 3 years old. She has two older brothers, but she has been wishing, this whole past year, for a little sister. When I was with the family recently, her mother told me how serious she is and how fervent is her wishing. After I returned home, I was still thinking aboutContinue reading “Lucy’s Wish”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 2

When I think of the sea I remember, with great joy and nostalgia, the year my family and I spent part of the summer on the beach in South Carolina, USA. My sister and I were very young, but the memories of that trip, which included our parents, one grandmother, and one aunt and uncle,Continue reading “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 2”