WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge — Orange

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

To be completely honest, I dislike orange very much. But it is, after all, a legitimate color, and I found loads of it in my photos just waiting for its share of attention. So here’s my offering.

BRENDA & ME IN OCEAN - for orange challenge
My sis and me in the ocean a FEW years ago.
BARB'S PAINTING 1 - for orange challenge
A photo of an original oil painting (pardon the glare of the frame)
Trees at my corner
Fiery Sunrise
YELLOW ROSE CAMEO HEART- orange challenge
Rose in cameo format for greeting card

Well, I guess orange is okay — as long as it’s in small doses.


9 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge — Orange

    1. Yeah, we had the “cool” look down perfectly back then. I would like to feel again that totally carefree feeling I remember when sitting on that beach letting the water wash around us.

    1. Well that would definitely be the same ocean, and not too far up the coast from where we were. We were at Myrtle Beach, SC. Of course, that was before it became the huge amusement park and shopping extravaganza that it is now. Back then, they had two or three rides and some stands that sold snacks and cotton candy — which, of course, disintegrated almost instantly in that ocean breeze.

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