Six-Word Saturday – 6/9/18

Wishing you a happy dandelion day!   photo: Visions Seen Photography ~ I’m not sure who the host of this challenge is now. The old link doesn’t seem to work, but I can’t find any Six-Word Saturday posts on the new link either. So I’m winging it in the mean time.     ~~~

Too Hot For Anything But Cinquain

#1 Windy: Flash summer storm, The fan I’ve turned on high, My neighbor in her gossip mode— Hot air. #2 Sidewalks Could fry an egg. Too hot to walk barefoot. The asphalt melts beneath car wheels. July. #3 The sweat Runs down my nose, Forms currents down my back, And plasters underwear to skin: HeatContinue reading “Too Hot For Anything But Cinquain”