Six-Word Saturday – 6/9/18

Wishing you a happy dandelion day!



photo: Visions Seen Photography

I’m not sure who the host of this challenge is now. The old link doesn’t seem to work, but I can’t find any Six-Word Saturday posts on the new link either. So I’m winging it in the mean time.




Christmas Is Cool

If you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are the heat, humidity, & summer doldrums are getting you down.  But this little video will cool you off and make you happy all at the same time.




Too Hot For Anything But Cinquain

Flash summer storm,
The fan I’ve turned on high,
My neighbor in her gossip mode—
Hot air.

Could fry an egg.
Too hot to walk barefoot.
The asphalt melts beneath car wheels.

The sweat
Runs down my nose,
Forms currents down my back,
And plasters underwear to skin:
Heat wave.