8 thoughts on “My Front Yard Is A Strawberry Patch

  1. I don’t think they are true strawberries. They are an invasive plant and you can tell the difference between them and “real” strawberries by the color of the blossoms. True strawberries have white blossoms, these will have yellow ones. The fruit is nearly tasteless and birds won’t even eat the ones in our yard. They will choke out almost everything that gets in their way, at least in our experience. We try hard to keep them out of our flower beds.

  2. I have to differ with the comment above — we have wild strawberries that look like that, and taste better than the ones in the grocery store.

    1. My family and I used to grow strawberries when my grandfather was alive. He had an enormous stretch of land on the gentlest of inclines – on his small farm — and it seemed to provide a perfect strawberry patch. But these in my yard just suddenly appeared about three years ago — just a little bitty patch or two. Last year, they were were numerous, and this year they seem to be almost everywhere. And it seems the more we mow, the more they grow. Well, at least the more they spread. They never grow anywhere near the size of a normal strawberry. It’s a little weird. Must be a story in there somewhere.

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