Weekend Coffee Share 1-12-19

coffee - purple cup -- a-mblamma -- pxIf we were having coffee together today, the first thing I’d say is, “I cannot believe we are already almost half-way through the first month of 2019!”  Then I’d tell you that our ground is covered with snow. We didn’t get as much a the forecasters told us we might, so I’m relieved about that fact.

I’d probably tell you about how I spent a good deal of time this week getting more Bible teaching videos made and posted on YouTube. Most of my visitors are familiar with my ministry YouTube channel, but just in case some of you are not and would like to check it out, I’ll give you the link here: Radical About Jesus Ministries YouTube.

We’ve already had a lot of visitors and quite a number of views for the two videos I posted this week. We’ve had a couple comments. I have to laugh when I tell you that one of the comments was pretty irate. That gentlemen was unhappy with something I said, but, of course, I can’t help that. I taught the truth, and what he does with it is between him and the Lord. I did leave him a comment that will, hopefully, help him understand a couple things better, but, for the most part in those situations, I just pray and leave it to the Lord to handle. When we post anything publicly, we are inviting people to respond publicly, and the vast majority of the time, that’s a very good thing. It’s what keeps the world connected.

But I can’t help but chuckle about it because I just watched a video a couple weeks ago by one of the artists in England that I follow regularly, and he was answering some very unkind comments that had been made on one of his videos. One point he made was that he couldn’t understand why someone felt compelled to give another person’s video a “thumbs down” sign or leave a negative comment. He said when he watched videos, if he didn’t like one he saw, he just stopped watching and went on to something else. There are tens of thousands of videos on YouTube, so it’s easy to just switch over to a different one.

He has a good point, and I’ve thought that very thing myself. If I really like someone’s video, I try to let them know, but if I don’t, I generally just shut off that video and move on. It’s less stress and aggravation for me. And there’s so much negativity in our world already that I don’t see any point in adding to it if I don’t have to. But everyone’s different, and I do invite people to share their thoughts and feelings if they want to do so. Most people have been very appreciative of the videos on that channel. And whether or not people are appreciative, I know the Lord is. I teach God’s Word because it’s my calling, and that’s all that really matters.

I’ve had people ask me from time to time if I’m ever ‘really, truly happy’. My reply has always been the same for years. I am truly happy at two times in my life: when I’m teaching God’s Word or when I’m writing. Now, however, since I’ve jumped into the painting world to help myself de-stress, I can say that — at least most of the time — I’m also happy when I’m painting.

And anyone who really knows me will tell you that, without a doubt, I believe a good cup of coffee is a recipe for happiness all by itself.

Well, I’ve begun to ramble, and your coffee is probably getting cold. I need to offer you a warm-up and let you get into the conversation for a while. I hope you will find that you are having a ‘really, truly happy’ day today.


Thanks to Eclectic Ali for hosting our weekend coffee share.

photo courtesy of a-mblamma @ pixabay.com



The World’s Leading Educator: YouTube

COMPUTER READING - LIGHT GRAYDid you know that you can learn how to do absolutely anything on YouTube?  Whether you want to learn how to operate the newest technological device, bake a cake, build a website, fix a toilet stool, make a podcast, correct a grammar problem, skin a beaver, or find Jesus Christ — instruction is at your fingertips on YouTube. What a revolution in education.

Of course, we do have to be sensible enough to distinguish what’s genuine instruction from some “nit-wit’s” bid for attention, but that’s not too hard to do — especially if you watch more than one video on the same subject. So if you’re in need of instruction and haven’t checked out YouTube, go for it. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn to do for free. I continually stand amazed at — and grateful for — such technology.

Anybody seen my beaver-skinning knife?????????




A City Celebrates Thanksgiving

Every year for decades now, my hometown has celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a city-wide community dinner. Over a hundred people volunteer for all the preparation, serving, and clean-up work, which takes weeks. Hundreds of citizens from our own town and from several surrounding communities converge on our civic center that day and celebrate together, expressing gratitude for each other and for all of the blessings we’ve experienced during the year.

We generally have a continental breakfast for those who like to start early. We have a big dinner with all the traditional Thanksgiving elements from 11:00-2:00. That dinner period includes easy-listening and Christmas music by one of our favorite local singers, and many people get up and dance. There are big screen TV’s for watching football and/or movies, and there are numerous board/table games (and games for kids) for anyone who wants to spend the day. Then about 5:00 the left-overs from dinner — as well as some extras like pizza and finger foods — get set out for supper.

Volunteers deliver mid-day dinners to anyone who is home bound and cannot get to the civic center to participate, and to local police officers, fire-fighters, and store clerks who have to work that day. When all is finished, any left-over food goes to local nursing homes.

All of the food (including over 1300 pounds of turkey), supplies, decorations, and equipment are donated by local businesses, churches, civic groups, and individuals, and every year more people want to be involved. The coordinator of the dinner, who is a dear friend of mine, is licensed in food preparation and safety, and he takes his responsibility very seriously.

For several years I covered the event for the local newspaper. Some years I interviewed as many as 40 and 50 people, many of whom had some wonderful stories to tell about how much the event means to them. It’s a community treasure, and in an age when so much is done in this world out of selfishness and greed, I’m proud of my community for still focusing it’s time, energy, and resources on appreciating the value of community and togetherness.

The short video below shares just a very few photos of the fun involved.



My First Venture Into YouTube Posts

Well, this week, I finally took the plunge to learn how to set up a YouTube account and channel — and then start posting videos. I began with the audio of healing scriptures read by my father. Of course, I had to add still pictures and convert them into what YouTube calls a “movie.” It took a while, but I finally jumped through all the hoops successfully.

Unfortunately, on my old operating system and browser, some of the YouTube videos sound scratchy, and this one does as well. However, on my laptop, with a newer operating system and browser, it sounds great. So if any of you do hop over and listen to it, let me know what you found as far as sound quality.

Thanks a lot. I’m believing the Lord to use it to minister to many people.