The World’s Leading Educator: YouTube

COMPUTER READING - LIGHT GRAYDid you know that you can learn how to do absolutely anything on YouTube?  Whether you want to learn how to operate the newest technological device, bake a cake, build a website, fix a toilet stool, make a podcast, correct a grammar problem, skin a beaver, or find Jesus Christ — instruction is at your fingertips on YouTube. What a revolution in education.

Of course, we do have to be sensible enough to distinguish what’s genuine instruction from some “nit-wit’s” bid for attention, but that’s not too hard to do — especially if you watch more than one video on the same subject. So if you’re in need of instruction and haven’t checked out YouTube, go for it. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn to do for free. I continually stand amazed at — and grateful for — such technology.

Anybody seen my beaver-skinning knife?????????




2 thoughts on “The World’s Leading Educator: YouTube

  1. Sandra this is so true. About a year ago I looked up a “How to” on changing out a windshield wiper motor. I recently was trying to find the port on my septic tank and through you tub learned the usual location which saved me several hours digging. YouTube is also a great source of inspiration for my new hobby, model railroading. There are tons of helpful folks who like to document their efforts to build their replicas of scenes across America.

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