6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

    1. What looks like a “gate” is actually an outer door (screen door with panels of glass that slide down for winter weather.) But I do leave the main door open as much as I can, and since the sun rises on that side of my house, it bathes the front door in that kind of light every morning.

  1. Nothing excites me more that the glowing Sun at the start of a brand new day…this photo made me remember the many beautiful mornings with my parents. My mom parents wake up early and when I wake up…the door is already open that leads to our balcony overlooking the garden. Takes my breath away every time. Beautiful…Thanks for today’s inspiration.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad the picture brought you such happy memories. I find that the more tense and demanding my life gets, those little trips back into my childhood memories, when the burdens of responsibility didn’t fall on my shoulders, and when I knew beyond a doubt that I was loved securely, make all the difference for me.

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