Genuine Blogger Award

 On April 17th Colline from “Colline’s Blog,” nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award.  I am touched at her thoughtfulness, and I feel bad that it took me this long to get the post up and pass the nomination along to other bloggers.  I have to plead a very pressed and stressed week and a computer that is even now having a hard time  dealing with all I ask it to do (a problem with the memory). But here I am, finally.

Be sure to go over and visit Colline’s Blog.  She is most definitely a “genuine blogger,” and one of the most versatile bloggers I’ve met on here.  You may find almost any subject at all in her posts.  Very interesting and down-to-earth.

The rules for accepting this award require me to tell my readers 7 random things about myself and then, of course, pay the honor forward by nominating 7 other bloggers for the Genuine Blogger Award as well.  So many of my blogging friends already have so many awards, I will try to be sure I choose from those who do not already have this one.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I am a Christian who is very serious about my relationship with the Lord.
  2. I am the world’s greatest fan of chocolate.
  3. I also love peanut butter, potatoes, cheese, and bread. (How many food groups can I get credit for with these items?)
  4. I have been a keyboard musician most of my life.
  5. I am 64 and proud of it – as long as I can color my hair.
  6. I am happiest when I am writing or when I am teaching the Word of God to people who want to know more about Him.
  7. I am a happy composite of Scottish, Bulgarian, Polish, and Cherokee lineage.

Now for my nominations for the Genuine Blogger Award.  All of these bloggers are people whom I consider sincere people who appreciate their opportunity to blog and be a part of the WordPress blogging community — as I do.  I’m listing them in no particular order.  All of them are great, and I encourage my readers to check them out.

1. A Walk In The Word:

2. Lucid Gypsy:

3. Poetry of Dennis N. O’Brien:

4. The Bard On The Hill:

5. Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures:

6. Cyan Skies:

7. The Dorset Rambler:

8. Pure Glory:

The rules for accepting the award are pretty simple:

Post an article stating that you have been nominated and include the name and link to the blogger who nominated you.

You should also include the logo of the award on your post, and in your sidebar (or on a permanent page) so that everyone who visits your site will know that you have won the award.

Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.

Pass the honor forward by nominating seven other bloggers that you feel deserve the award. Include links to their blogs in your post. ( I know I have chosen 8 instead of 7, but they are all deserving.)

Notify those seven bloggers that you have nominated them.

There is no time limit for passing on the award. So if you don’t know very many bloggers yet, just go ahead and post the award on your site and nominate the few that you feel fit that category.  You can always add more later after you get to know them.

6 thoughts on “Genuine Blogger Award

  1. Oh my I am so touched and honoured to find myself on your list. The wonderful thing about blogging is meeting lovely people, like you, that have such an impact on our lives and knowing that you impact on theirs also. I sometimes wish I had started before – i’ts not quite a year for me – but no doubt it was exactly the right time! Thank you, you are a very special lady!

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